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Hosting ServicesPrinceton, NJ – Cloud Linux Inc., an innovative software company dedicated to serving the needs of hosting service providers, today announces that Cartika, an industry innovator in cloud hosting services has increased density on its shared hosting servers by 5X using CloudLinux. During a recent server upgrade project, Cartika deployed CloudLinux to help improve the density of its shared hosting infrastructure. After deployment, not only did Cartika increase density and consolidate servers on a ratio of 5 to 1, but were also able to improve uptime and performance. Cloud Linux has released a case study, which chronicles the project and progress achieved during Cartika’s project.

The results of Cartika’s upgrade project further prove the value of the stability and control CloudLinux can give hosting service providers over the server environment for more efficient and profitable operations. CloudLinux invented the Lightweight Virtual Environment™ a kernel-level technology that limits the amount of resources (CPU, I/O, memory) available to a specific process or customer. LVE isolates specific hardware resources in a lightweight container and prevents one tenant on a shared server from affecting others – especially due to a sudden peak load from a single tenant.

“CloudLinux has not only helped us improve the density out of our existing infrastructure, but also helped us realize significant cost savings in other ways,” states Andrew Rouchotas, CEO of Cartika.. “There were significant benefits that helped us save real costs in electricity and cooling but also savings in staff time that allowed us to focus our efforts on revenue generating activities and growing our business.”

By deploying CloudLinux, Cartika maximized its hardware consolidation efforts and improved server density and stability. CloudLinux increased the number of accounts hosted on one server and improved the consolidation efforts – so that now no one account can take down the entire server. Server stability also improved by allowing Cartika to set resource limits on their shared hosting customers without sacrificing uptime or performance. In addition, the Cartika hardware upgrade gave their customers more processing power.

“We are proud to see the real value that CloudLinux is able to deliver to hosting providers, as it shows the benefits of having full control over the hosting environment,” said Igor Seletskiy, Cloud Linux Inc. Founder and CEO.

The results of Cartika’s deployment of CloudLinux were:
– Increased density by 5X while improving uptime and processing power
– Reduced overall hardware footprint
– Improved ROI so they could leverage new hardware available for shared hosting
– Reduced risks of unpredictable events taking down an entire server
– Empowered front line technicians to diagnose and solve problems

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About Cartika
Founded in Toronto in May 2002, Cartika Inc. has established itself as a leader in Application Hosting and advanced technologies. Advanced web hosting facilities and technologies, combined with intricate knowledge in several best of breed Open Source and Commercial Applications, Cartika can web enable your core business processes.

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About Cloud Linux, Inc.
Founded in Princeton, NJ, Cloud Linux Inc. is a privately funded company that combines unique expertise in the service provider business with in-depth technical knowledge of hosting, kernel development and open source.

Cloud Linux Inc. provides hosting companies and datacenters with the only commercially supported Linux operating system (OS) optimized for their needs. The new technology behind CloudLinux has been proven to increase density, stability and performance, helping customers realize reduced operating costs and increased profitability.

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