Compellent Unveils Blueprint for Virtual Data Center

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Hosting ServicesEDEN PRAIRIE, MN – Companies building a dynamic, efficient data center need to consider storage virtualization as a key component, according to a new report issued by Microsoft and Compellent (NYSE: CML). The report, “Increasing IT Efficiency in a Dynamic Datacenter with a Virtualized Storage Solution,” illustrates the steps organizations can take to maximize benefits and cost savings in a virtualized IT environment.

While IT budgets remain flat or in decline, demand continues to rise for IT services that can support growth and maintain 24×7 uptime, while alleviating risk to data and systems. Organizations require solutions that not only provide the capacity and performance to meet application requirements, but also offer sufficient return on investment and, better yet, cost-reduction measures. The continuing convergence of technology capabilities and business benefits is clear, as storage and server virtualization help reduce overall capital costs, accelerate application deployment and ensure data availability.

Components of the Dynamic Data Center: As outlined in this report, some of the key technology components recommended for a dynamic data center include:

* Server virtualization solutions such as Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager
* Storage virtualization technologies including automated tiered storage and thin provisioning
* Storage and server connectivity: Fibre Channel or iSCSI based on organizations’ needs
* Persistent, scalable hardware infrastructure that supports a tiered storage environment

Increased Efficiency and Savings with Fluid Data Storage
The virtualization report describes key benefits enterprises can realize when they deploy Microsoft server virtualization with Compellent storage virtualization technologies. The efficiency gains include hardware cost reduction, server utilization improvement, energy and space reduction and reduced licensing costs, specifically:

* Physical servers reduced by 89 percent
* Rack space reduced by 59 percent
* Disk drives reduced by 76 percent
* Energy consumption reduced by 49 percent
* OS licensing reduced by 66 percent

Results come from real-world testing with a blade server infrastructure in a virtual data center.

About Compellent

Compellent Technologies (NYSE: CML) provides Fluid Data storage solutions that automate the movement and management of data at a granular level, enabling organizations to constantly adapt to change, slash costs and secure information against downtime and disaster. This patented, built-in storage intelligence delivers significant efficiency, scalability and flexibility. With an all-channel sales network in 35 countries, Compellent is one of the fastest growing enterprise storage companies in the world. For more information, visit

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