ElasticHosts Launches ElasticStack Cloud Platform

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Hosting ToolboxLONDON – ElasticHosts, the international cloud provider, today announced the launch of the ElasticStack cloud platform, a powerful platform that enables hosting providers and data centres to offer own-brand cloud servers to their customers swiftly.

Built on the proven platform that underpins ElasticHosts’ own cloud services in the UK and US, ElasticStack is a complete turn-key solution for organisations looking to maximise revenues from cloud hosting services quickly. ElasticStack helps service providers offer their customers ultra-flexible and easy-to-use cloud server capacity, without any upfront investment or development work, and runs entirely on low-cost commodity server hardware.

Commenting on the launch of ElasticStack, Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts, said, “As the use of cloud-based services continues to gain momentum, growing numbers of hosting providers are looking to offer own-brand cloud servers to their customers. Hosting providers and data centre businesses that sense customer demand for cloud can now simply license and deploy our proven technology. This dramatically improves the speed with which they can offer cutting-edge cloud server products to their customers, which is crucial in this fast-expanding market where time to launch is pivotal to success.”

Davies continues, “As we offer a complete turn-key solution, hosting providers and data centre businesses can focus on selling cloud servers to their customers under their own brands; we license our complete software solution and optionally also provide fully managed technical operations. We can run on pre-existing commodity server hardware or provide complete hardware and software solutions with our cloud-in-a-box hardware partners VeryPC.”

A number of service providers have already licensed ElasticStack with further discussions ongoing in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Existing licensees include Dave Cummings at OpenHosting who commented, “Building our cloud services on an existing platform helps us bring cutting-edge products to market swiftly, giving us a significant competitive advantage in our markets.”

Davies concludes, “The introduction of the ElasticStack cloud platform is a significant step in the development of ElasticHosts. We are proud to have recently expanded our own hosting business into the US, but we also understand that there are many service providers across the world that already receive enquiries about cloud every day and would be delighted to have cutting-edge products to offer their loyal customers. By helping these partners to launch own-brand cloud services swiftly, we instantly give them cutting-edge products to sell and leave them free to focus on what they do best and drive their revenues.”

About ElasticHosts
ElasticHosts produces the ElasticStack cloud platform, which enables service providers to swiftly offer ultra-flexible and easy-to-use cloud server capacity for scalable web hosting and on-demand burst computing such as batch processing, development & test, backup & disaster recovery and cloud bursting. ElasticStack is built on the proven platform that underpins ElasticHosts’ own cloud services in Europe and North America.

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