Horizon Data Center Solutions CEO Discusses ‘Build-vs.-Lease Conundrum’ at Datacenter Transformation Summit

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Hosting ToolboxDALLAS – Horizon Data Center Solutions’ President and CEO Lance Smith provided his industry insight and expertise at the Tier1 Research Group’s Datacenter Transformation Summit – East in Reston, Va. As a speaker in the “Build-vs.-Lease Conundrum” panel, Smith leverages his many years of experience in the datacenter market to provide insight into how a company can determine if and when it should outsource its datacenter services to a dedicated colocation provider. For more than 15 years Smith has served as a leader and solutions consultant in the datacenter industry including managing more than 200,000 square feet of datacenter space and holding leadership positions with companies like Atos Origins and ACS.

“As the industry continues to deal with data security and uptime issues and adopt new technologies such as cloud computing, and power and space demands continue to rise while their availability shrinks, more and more companies are taking a second look at their datacenter needs and resources and trying to determine what the most effective solution is for today and tomorrow,” said Lance Smith, Horizon Data Center Solutions president and CEO. “This panel is a fantastic opportunity to help those businesses determine what exactly their current needs are, how they might grow and how they can best be met through owning or leasing datacenter space.”

Smith’s panel on the pros and cons of owning versus leasing data center space was held on Wednesday, June 2, from 10:00 to 10:30 am. During his session, he was joined by Ali Moinuddin, marketing communications director at Interxion, Kai Gray, senior director of operations at Carbonite Inc. and Jeff Lowenberg, vice president, facilities at The Planet. The panel was moderated by Jeff Paschke, senior analyst, data centers at Tier1 Research.

The Datacenter Transformation Summit brings together the premiere key industry players from all areas of the datacenter market including datacenter architects, industry visionaries, senior IT architects, financial professionals and datacenter operators. The summit seeks to close the gap between IT executives and equipment vendors as well as leverage the knowledge of industry veterans such as Lance Smith and the Tier1 Research Datacenter Strategies teams to promote the current and future status of the datacenter market. The full agenda, speaker list and registration are available on the summit’s website.

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