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Hosting ToolboxCharlotte — Hosted Solutions, the East Coast’s premier provider of enterprise-class managed hosting solutions, today announced it has completed a significant, multi-million dollar expansion of one of its SAS 70 Type II data centers in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The expansion includes 6,000 square feet of additional space and incorporates advanced technology, making it one of the most robust facilities in the Southeastern United States.   The expansion doubles the critical load capacity of the facility, and implements a full range of features, designed to ensure maximum uptime for Hosted Solutions’ clients, including:

* A 2N power distribution design, with redundant power infrastructure
* Two-megawatt total capacity, with redundant 2.5MVA utility transformers
* Automated failover between the primary and standby generators, in case of failure
* Redundant automatic transfer switches and 1100kVA uninterruptible power system (UPS), with the ability to provide up to 30 minutes of emergency battery power at full load
* Foreseer Building Management System for “real-time” monitoring of all critical infrastructure

The 2N design is a significant improvement over the industry-standard N+1 implementation.  N+1 provides fault tolerance, but is still susceptible to failure.  2N power distribution design features dedicated redundant elements from top to bottom, including generators, utility feeds, main electrical switchboards, and more.  The system is designed so that maintenance can be performed on a component on one of the sides, without impacting the datacenter load; each side is capable of handling the full facility load when the other side fails.

“We cater to enterprise customers with high availability requirements,” said Kip Turco, Hosted Solutions’ Chief Operating Officer. “This facility delivers the kind of reliability that businesses in sectors like banking, retail, SaaS and healthcare require.   Our ability to deliver consistent uptime is a key factor in our significant growth throughout the Charlotte market in the past several years.  The improvements we are making to our Charlotte data center give us the added capacity we need to meet that demand.”

The Charlotte data center, one of Hosted Solutions’ five SAS 70 Type II certified centers located along the East Coast, now features more than a dozen 30-ton HVAC units, located throughout the center and electrical room, ensuring that the center continuously operates within acceptable temperatures and avoids overheating that could force a shutdown.  The center also incorporates advanced fire protection technology, with a dry pipe pre-action system, and a VESDA early detection system in operation.

“Our clients depend upon us more than ever to deliver consistent uptime for their operational infrastructure,” Turco added.  “Our constant vigilance in improving our systems helps ensure that our customers’ data will be there every hour of every day.”

About Hosted Solutions

Hosted Solutions’ high quality Data Center and Managed Hosting services maintain and protect customers’ mission-critical IT systems and applications, enabling them to reduce operating costs, lower the risk of downtime, focus on core competencies, and achieve their top business objectives. The company operates SAS 70 Type II Certified facilities in Boston MA, Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, and Cary NC, providing best-of-breed data center operations with hardened physical infrastructure, the highest level of security, and a complete managed services portfolio.  Hosted Solutions was acquired by Boston-based private equity firm ABRY Partners in April 2008 for $144 million. For more information, please visit

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