INetU Managed Hosting Adopts Tripwire Enterprise to Streamline PCI Compliance

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Hosting ToolboxPORTLAND, OR – Tripwire Inc., a leading global provider of IT security and compliance automation solutions, announced today that INetU, a global managed hosting services provider, has implemented Tripwire Enterprise file integrity monitoring and compliance policy management solution to automate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The company chose Tripwire Enterprise for its compliance needs because of its ability to immediately identify changes that can take systems out of an audit-passing state and offer step-by-step guidance for resolving those issues. INetU serves a broad range of Fortune 500 companies and is rated as one of the world’s top five managed hosting services companies for service availability, products and customer satisfaction.

Prior to deploying Tripwire Enterprise, INetU used a process that included an open-source file integrity monitoring utility, built-in operating system software and manual procedures that were time-consuming — particularly if a problem arose. Troubleshooting required extensive research as the previous system could flag a problem, but could not automate problem resolution. Tripwire Enterprise’s out-of-the box policy assessments, remediation guidance and automatic PCI reporting dramatically improved the company’s operational efficiencies. INetU expects Tripwire Enterprise to help them more quickly review security events, substantially ease the amount of time spent gathering data for the annual audit process, reduce incidents of human error and enhance its PCI, compliance and security postures. Tripwire Enterprise features compliance policy templates that assess relevant configurations across physical and virtual infrastructure and archives all change data, making it available to auditors and IT staff at the push of a button.

“Our evaluation process proved that Tripwire Enterprise was the best compliance policy management solution on the market, one that helps us keep systems in compliance and enhance security,” said Scott Walters, director of client services at INetU and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). “Using Tripwire Enterprise to automate PCI compliance helps us to continue to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for compliance and security. The integrated remediation guidance was an important added benefit — it not only saves our team hours of troubleshooting, but the Tripwire Enterprise interface helps our customers fix issues as well.”

Tripwire Enterprise is the only solution that provides a single source for detecting, analyzing and reporting all change across the entire IT infrastructure. Users specify how frequently to monitor for change and can immediately assess how these changes affect PCI policy compliance. The Tripwire Enterprise solution also comes with policy templates that assess relevant configurations across physical and virtual infrastructure, alerting administrators to settings that are out of line with compliance requirements. Once configurations have been adjusted, Tripwire’s file integrity monitoring ensures they stay in compliance with automatic alerts about any suspicious change activity.

About INetU Managed Hosting
INetU is a leading managed hosting provider serving customers worldwide. Dedicated to building long-term relationships with its clients, INetU supports many popular Web applications and provides highly reliable hosting for enterprise websites in the Online Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, SaaS, Web Development, Education, Government, Consulting, and Non-Profit sectors. INetU recently scored a 96.5% customer satisfaction rating and is PCI, SAS 70 Type-II, and Safe Harbor compliant. To learn more, visit

About Tripwire, Inc.
Tripwire is a leading global provider of IT security and compliance automation solutions that help businesses and government agencies take control of their IT infrastructure. Thousands of customers rely on Tripwire’s integrated solutions to protect sensitive data, prove compliance and prevent outages. Tripwire VIA™, the comprehensive suite of industry-leading file integrity, policy compliance and log and event management solutions, is the way organizations proactively achieve continuous compliance, mitigate risk, and ensure operational control through Visibility, Intelligence and Automation. Learn more at

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