RSHosting Launches Rebootless Hosting

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Hosting ToolboxUnited Kingdom – Managed web hosting provider, a leading web hosting company offering shared, reseller, VPS and managed dedicated web hosting solutions in US and UK datacenters, today announced to have adopted Ksplice technology which allows for the installation of critical security patches and kernels without having to reboot the servers. Ksplice is an enterprise software company offering to make systems more secure, reliable and maintainable through seamless updates.

Contemporary operating systems regularly release kernel patches to repair security vulnerabilities. Applying these patches typically requires rebooting the kernel, which results in downtime and loss of state (e.g., all network connections). Even when computer redundancy is available, rebooting can lead to momentary interruption or cause unexpected complications, which means that reboots are commonly specially scheduled and supervised. Ksplice allows system administrators to apply patches to their operating system kernels without rebooting.

“RSHosting has always been trying to offer 100% uptime, however when it came to kernel updates to maintain the server security, there was no choice other than rebooting the kernel which caused a downtime – though it was a scheduled one. However, with the new Ksplice technology, we can now avoid those scheduled reboots and consequently the server downtime for OS update purpose”, explained RSHosting’s Head of Business Development, Jennifer Robinson. She further added, “We are glad to have Ksplice as our technology partner and we will be offering Ksplice free of charge on all our US and UK servers, including the managed VPS and Dedicated servers packages.”

Established in the year 2003, RSHosting remains a competitive force in the industry that continues to offer affordable yet highly reliable and secure web hosting services on its servers, physically located in one of the best US and UK datacenters.

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