Site5 Introduces Xen-Based Virtual Private Servers

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Web Hosting ServicesDENVER — Site5, a leader in shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting, today introduced Xen-based Virtual Private Servers, offering 100 percent dedicated system resources to each account, unlike other virtualization alternatives which share resources between user accounts.

Because each Site5 Virtual Private Server offers guaranteed server resources, customers are able to expect a sustained high level of performance. When sever resources are shared between user accounts – as is an industry norm – customers can unexpectedly experience significant, periodic performance drops.

“We treat our hosting solutions as mission-critical for our customers, and we take every step possible to guarantee performance and uptime. By utilizing Xen in our Virtual Private Servers and guaranteeing system resources, we are able to create a tangible differentiator between Site5 and our imitators. When uptime and performance are a factor in the consumer buying process, Site5 wins every time. We’ve quite literally built our business on it,” said Site5 Chief Operating Officer Tom Sepper.

Site5 Xen-based Virtual Private Servers are widely customizable. Virtual Private Servers start at $50 per month for 40GB of disk space, 600GB of monthly bandwidth, and at least 756MB of RAM on the node. All plans include Site5’s exclusive “No Worry” Full Management, a control panel, at least two dedicated IP addresses, and a wide-variety of other value-added features.

In the coming months, Site5 plans to introduce additional Virtual Private Server hosting solutions, including an unmanaged alternative to its existing fully-managed services.

Earlier this month, Site5 introduced Shared Cloud Hosting and Cloud Virtual Private Serves. The cloud hosting solutions offer unprecedented reliability, speed, and scalability by virtualizing entire clusters of servers and creating a fully redundant hosting environment.

About Site5
Based in Denver, Colorado, Site5 is an international leader in affordable web hosting solutions for individuals and businesses. For more than a decade, Site5 has provided award-winning customer support and aggressively-priced hosting solutions to customers on six continents. Today, Site5 offers a variety of shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting solutions.

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