Cloud Computing Providers Partner to Offer Enterprise-Level Services

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Web Host ServicesWinston-Salem, NC – Two leading cloud computing service providers have combined their resources to offer an increased level of hosted virtual desktops and cloud computing solutions to businesses throughout North America.

Voyss Solutions, headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, and ThinkGrid, with headquarters in the UK, have formed a strategic partnership that will provide cloud computing services to businesses in North America. In addition, the two partner organizations are able to offer enterprise-level solutions to small/medium size businesses, without the enterprise-level investment.

The alliance, which became official on August 1, 2010, brings the best of each of the companies together to form a robust model for enterprise-level cloud services. Overlapping infrastructures and expanded product/services mixes ensure the highest level of service across all platforms.

Each company also brings longevity to the market, established leadership, professional staffing, and years of technology and businesses experience.

“Many businesses today want more choice and flexibility around IT and cloud computing delivers on this. These customers are also asking themselves why they should continue with the status quo, making upfront capital expenditure investments and carrying all the risks associated with large-scale IT implementations,” said Rob Lovell, CEO at ThinkGrid. “We therefore created a cloud platform that allows our partners to help their customers eliminate these risks. As a result, we have been able to build greater trust in this new computing model. The alliance with Voyss Solutions will further demonstrate the huge savings and management benefits of IT services delivered from the cloud.”

Voyss Solutions will expand the sales and customer relations responsibilities through its channel partners and direct relationships. “This partnership increases our delivery capabilities and allows us to serve businesses across North America.” noted Perry Swaim, Voyss Solutions CEO/President. “Voyss Solutions has been a strong regional player with national distribution; this alliance now expands our presence as a global player with international distribution.”

About Voyss Solutions
Voyss Solutions provides SMBs with complete enterprise-level communications and data management capabilities without the enterprise-level expense. Based in Winston-Salem, NC, Voyss Solutions serves more than 1,000 businesses with cloud computing services, managed services, hosted desktops, designed and hosted websites, VoIP, document management and disaster recovery, and carrier services.

About ThinkGrid
ThinkGrid is a cloud computing vendor providing an IT services platform from the Cloud with the aim of disrupting the way that businesses currently purchase and manage IT. ThinkGrid works with the IT partner channel to provide enterprise class IT to small and medium businesses over its worldwide network. ThinkGrid removes the management and cost burden of owning IT by offering it to customers as an on demand service. Its current services include Hosted Virtual Desktop, Exchange and Communications, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Virtual Server Infrastructure and Cloud Storage. With ThinkGrid, each user is given their own personalized IT environment that operates in exactly the same way as a traditional computing environment. The difference is that with ThinkGrid’s Cloud Computing platform, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world through an Internet connection. ThinkGrid partners only pay for what they use, based on the needs of the bu siness, and can scale up and down at the click of a mouse.

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