FieldView Solutions Launches Version 3.2 of Its Data Center Management Software

August 20, 2010 by  

Web Host ServicesEDISON, N.J. – FieldView Solutions today announced the introduction of Version 3.2 of its software.

The newest version of FieldView, an enterprise-ready platform that drives optimization of space and energy usage in today’s most complex data center environments, significantly enhances security features, access and permissions.

“These new features are all about accessibility of data to all decision makers,” said David Schirmacher, Chief Strategy Officer of FieldView Solutions. “The user decides who can look at power, assets and performance, from a global portfolio view all the way down to a rack at a specific site.”

“With each new version of our software, we’re proactively addressing challenges and questions, some of which haven’t even been asked yet,” adds Fred Dirla, FieldView Solutions’ CEO. “We’re constantly thinking – how can we enhance the product to make the customer’s life easier? How can we save more energy, space, and time for our end-user?”

The development team at FieldView Solutions is already hard at work on Version 4.0, to be released in the fall.

“Wait until you see what we have in store for 4.0!” adds Schirmacher.

FieldView Solutions’ core platform makes it possible for data center managers, IT personnel, facilities managers and even C-level executives to instantly see how their critical environments are performing. Every aspect of data center operations from the IT device and rack through the power and cooling infrastructure is instantly accessible. The powerful metrics and reporting engine provides real-time information that allows data center operators to optimize rack/room space utilization, energy efficiency, and infrastructure resiliency.

About FieldView Solutions
FieldView was formed late last year, when the intellectual property rights to the platform were acquired. With the full support of venture capital partners, SJF Ventures, Milestone Venture Partners and Osage Partners, FieldView Solutions is well positioned to meet both the challenge of ever increasing data center industry growth and the requirement for innovative solutions that drive operational efficiency and performance.

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