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Web Host ServicesHOUSTON and CHATSWORTH, CA – Mezeo Software™, the leading provider of a deployable cloud storage platform for service providers and enterprises, and DataDirect Networks, Inc. (DDN), the leading data infrastructure provider for the most demanding, content-intensive environments, today announced a strategic alliance to jointly offer DDN’s Web Object Scaler (WOS) with the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform. With the announcement, DDN becomes the latest Mezeo Ready Technology Partner.

The Mezeo Ready Program is designed to make it easier for customers and service providers to find and deploy Mezeo Ready solutions. The Mezeo Ready community is comprised of a wide-range of service providers, developers, cloud gateway providers and technology partners all focused on delivering Mezeo enabled cloud storage solutions.

DDN’s WOS storage technology offers a sophisticated cloud-based file storage technology that simplifies and improves how content is stored, distributed and accessed across multiple geographically dispersed sites. With the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform, which offers native integration for WOS, it is possible to rapidly deploy an object-based, globally clustered cloud storage system with REST Web Services API access. Mezeo’s unique architecture abstracts metadata from the storage layer, further enhancing WOS performance and scalability.

“DDN’s WOS technology can be a significant differentiator for Mezeo Ready Service Providers,” said Steve Lesem, President and CEO of Mezeo Software. “We have teamed with DDN to enable Service Providers with legacy infrastructure in place to deploy WOS to start the transition to a scale-out cloud, building it up over time as IT evolves into a cloud model.  The Mezeo Ready Program is all about offering an ecosystem of flexible, reliable Mezeo Ready solutions, and we are excited to include DDN as part of our Mezeo Ready solution.”

At WOS’s core is intelligent software known as the WOS Object Clustering System (WOS-OCS), which allows a massively scalable content delivery platform to be created out of small building blocks, enabling the system to start small, and easily grow to a multi-petabyte scale. WOS outperforms traditional storage in file reads and write per second, has the most efficient surface use of any cloud or traditional storage system and is an affordable option to offline or nearline storage.  WOS’s ability to store more than 200 billion files in one file system and its automatic load-balancing and self healing capabilities help make it easier to manage and scale than any alternative environment.

“With WOS and Mezeo, customers can deploy a simple and scalable storage solution that doesn’t require storage systems expertise to setup and administer,” said Alex Bouzari, co-founder and CEO, DataDirect Networks.  “Both IT Service Providers and private companies can gain game-changing improvements to costs, efficiency, and service levels with a single, integrated cloud storage platform.”

With Mezeo, IT Service Providers can rapidly monetize Storage as a Service with a branded offering, and large enterprises can implement a secure, private cloud with clients for BlackBerry,® iPhone, Windows desktop and the Web.  Mezeo features end-to-end encryption, advanced file sharing and collaboration, content tagging and access anywhere with white label Web 2.0, Windows® desktop, and iPhone and BlackBerry® native clients. Mezeo is easy to deploy, multi-tenant, and highly scalable and secure.

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