OrderDynamics Enhances eCommerce Order Management with Fraud Detection Technology

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Web Host ServicesOntario, Canada – The OrderDynamics SaaS eCommerce platform has a new fraud detection and management system embedded in its multi-channel Order Management System (OMS). eCommerce websites that are powered by the OrderDynamics platform benefit from a powerful frontend presentation layer that is directly integrated with a comprehensive backend (called eBusiness Manager) that includes order management, gateway processing, call center, customer relationship management, product catalog, promotions controls, reporting, and other important tools needed by high-volume, multi-site retailers. OrderDynamics has recently made live a robust Fraud Management engine that is tied directly in to the order pipeline, reducing exposure to fraud without creating extra work for the a merchant’s order desk.

The powerful new Fraud Management engine is capable of catching fraudulent orders for sophisticated fraud cases where the order appears to be valid, such as with orders that successfully pass Address Verification System (or AVS) and other “card not present” technologies like Card Security Code (CVV2 for example) or even PIN systems like Verified by Visa. This is made possible by proprietary technology that inspects orders in real-time against customizable fraud chains, which are groupings of (AND/OR) rules with over 30 parameters and options defined by the merchant.

“High volume eCommerce websites require as much automation as possible to avoid manually handling orders,” explains Michael Turcsanyi, VP Sales and Marketing for OrderDynamics Corporation. “This technology ensures that orders matching key conditions are held for review while all others flow normally,” continues Turcsanyi. Once orders are flagged for possible fraud, the merchant can quickly review and action these orders within a matter of seconds. As the merchant’s business changes over time so can the fraud chains through point-and-click ease within the eBusiness Manager.

“Two of the competitive advantages our clients receive is personalizing the website experience for their shoppers and automating their back office. The Order Management System makes this possible,” adds Turcsanyi. “The addition of Fraud Management into the OMS is part of our commitment to keeping our clients competitive.” OrderDynamics performs 4-6 major feature releases per year to its eCommerce SaaS platform, which are automatically made available to their current Clients at no additional costs.

About OrderDynamics
OrderDynamics Corporation is a privately owned eCommerce platform service provider for high-growth B2B and B2C businesses. The success of OrderDynamics is highly attributed to its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) eCommerce model and Dynamic Merchandising concepts which provide superior control and help drive revenue. The OrderDynamics solution caters to multi-channel retail, manufacturing, business-to-business, and complex online retail. OrderDynamics officially launched its On-Demand eCommerce Solution in 2006 after 2 years of research and development.

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