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Web Host ServicesHOUSTON – The Planet, the global hosting leader, today announced that REALworkspaces has expanded and upgraded its Diligence on Demand™ technology platform to accommodate its fast growth. Headquartered in Dallas, REALworkspaces is used throughout the commercial real estate industry for the diligence required to close transactions.

Capturing the attention of buyers, lenders and investors generates momentum on commercial real estate transactions. REALworkspaces offers self-service capabilities, instant access to diligence and friction-free underwriting, which are rapidly becoming expectations in today’s on-demand world.

Diligence on Demand provides greater control of over transactions for sellers and their brokers/agents. All diligence activity for each buyer, lender and investor is closely monitored. As parties are qualified, access to additional diligence documents can be granted. With the nationwide adoption of REALworkspaces, industry best practices to optimize Diligence on Demand are quickly emerging.

“We live in an on-demand, self-service world, which is clearly shaping how commercial real estate transactions are managed and ultimately closed,” said David Marlow, vice president of business development with REALworkspaces. “Real estate is a transaction-driven business where time kills deals. For years, diligence has been laboriously complex, often frustrating all parties, and causing delays and missed deadlines. With Diligence on Demand, speed-to-closing is a reality. We rely on The Planet for security, reliability and scalability, with technologies that enable diligence around the clock. Our clients demand the highest standards for diligence, and The Planet delivers.”

“Customers tell us time and again that they do business with The Planet based on the quality of our network, our data centers and our customer care,” said Tom Blair, vice president of Global Sales with The Planet. “Just like REALworkspaces, they operate sites that must be available around-the-clock. That’s why more than 18,000 customers put their trust in our company.”

David Marlow and his colleagues at REALworkspaces understand the dynamics of the commercial real estate business, where diligence impacts closings. Their clients engage in transactions worth billions of dollars, backed by Diligence on Demand capabilities.

“Self-service empowers and encourages buyers, lenders and investors to explore, investigate, analyze and dissect – all the things essential to drive momentum and the closing,” says Marlow. “Transparency generates comfort for the buyer and seller, with fewer surprises and fewer delays. The ease of diligence helps close deals.”

The convergence of high-traffic public websites and broadcast e-mail with REALworkspaces creates Diligence on Demand. Property listings on public sites and e-mails become gateways to diligence. With just a few mouse clicks, buyers, lenders and investors seamlessly move through self-registration. They’re able to electronically sign confidentiality agreements before instantly accessing diligence documents. Once inside, the benefits of self-service and intuitive navigation allow complete underwriting freedom to review all diligence documents made available by sellers and their brokers/agents.

“Existing high-traffic public websites with property listings serve as gateways into REALworkspaces,” says Marlow. “Sellers have full control over diligence documents and are able to monitor anyone engaged in the diligence process. Adoption is widespread, and it’s used in investment sales, debt placement, asset management and leasing. Once adopted, clients always come back to us with the same response: ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’

“Our customers require their diligence documents to be accessible any time, night or day, and from anywhere in the world. We count on The Planet to ensure 24×7 availability,” says Marlow. “One of our largest customers required a data center tour to see where we house our servers, and they walked through, absolutely wowed by our capabilities with The Planet. They experienced first-hand the security, saw the backup and technologies, and they were sold. With SAS 70 Type II certification, it underscored that their diligence documents are safeguarded.”

To hear first-hand about, visit The Planet website and watch a new video featuring David Marlow:

Established in 2005, REALworkspaces and its luminary clients across the country are perfecting the practice of Diligence on Demand. Proven success in closing transactions, ranging from a small commercial property to multi-billion dollar portfolios, validates a shift to self-service, friction-free diligence. Today REALworkspaces is fast expanding and is recognized by many as the ‘must have’ solution for any diligence event associated with commercial real estate. For additional information, visit

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