Zend Technologies Launches Unlimited Subscription Model for Businesses Using PHP

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Web Host ServicesCUPERTINO, CA – Zend Technologies, the PHP Company, today announced a simpler and safer way for IT organizations to acquire and adopt its solutions for development and management of business-critical PHP applications on-premise or in the Cloud. The Zend Unlimited Subscription offer addresses growing market demand for more flexible, reliable and cost-effective application infrastructures, and provides an unlimited number of subscriptions to Zend’s software and technical support services at a low annual subscription starting at $50,000.

With PHP established as the platform of choice for Web applications, IT organizations have come to expect the highest level of productivity, reliability and performance while retaining the cost benefits of PHP. The increased adoption of cloud computing is another factor driving IT managers to prefer licensing models that let them control budgets while reaping the benefits of the Cloud. With the Zend Unlimited Subscription, IT organizations can start additional server instances on demand without worrying about obtaining additional licenses.

Available under the Zend Unlimited Subscription are Zend’s software solutions for developing, running and managing PHP Web applications:
• Zend Server – enterprise-grade PHP Web application server
• Zend Server Cluster Manager – management of multi-server PHP application deployments
• Zend Studio – the leading PHP integrated development environment (IDE) for professional developers
• Technical support – up to 24x7x365 phone support, PHP stack updates, and security hot fixes

The offer follows Zend’s record sales in 2009, a large percentage of which were attributed to new enterprise customers.

Among the first customers to take advantage of the Zend Unlimited Subscription offer is UBM TechWeb, a leading global business media company that owns brands such as InformationWeek, Dr. Dobbs and Web 2.0.  “The Zend Unlimited Subscription has made it significantly easier to purchase the software and support we need for our entire IT organization,” said David Michael, CIO.  “By moving all of our PHP-based websites to Zend Server, we can monitor for errors and slowdowns and then use code tracing to quickly hone in on the root cause and apply a fix.”

UBM TechWeb, a division of global media company UBM, is migrating from a Java-based proprietary platform to PHP and Zend’s solutions for its more than 60 websites frequented by millions of viewers.  Their developers are using Zend Framework to build or re-architect sites, Zend Studio as their PHP IDE, and Zend Server as the Web application server.

Major European organizations are also embracing the new licensing model, including Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat Group Automobiles. “Zend gives us the most flexible, capable and cost-effective PHP platform for application deployment and management,” said Daniele Paolo Vigna of Dealer Network and Internet Services at Fiat Group Automobiles. “The Zend Unlimited Subscription allows us to standardize and streamline our development and production environment using a common set of tools and resources across the team.”

About Zend Technologies
Zend Technologies, Inc., the PHP Company, is the leading provider of products and services for developing, deploying and managing business-critical PHP applications. PHP runs 35 percent of the world’s Websites and has quickly become the most popular language for building dynamic Web applications. Deployed at more than 30,000 companies worldwide, the Zend family of products delivers a comprehensive solution for supporting the entire lifecycle of PHP applications. Zend is headquartered in Cupertino, California.  For more information, go to

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