Top Launches Into Virtual Appliances Market with Microsoft and VMware

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Hosting ServicesSan Francisco, CA –, the leading provider of managed hosting, cloud hosting and colocation solutions, today announced the upcoming availability of the Zimbra Mail and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Virtual Appliances. will provide these and other virtual appliances through its widget-based customer portal with one-click automation to launch and deploy virtual appliances instantly.

The SharePoint 2010 Virtual Appliance is a pre-packaged application and virtual machine deployable in a VMware cloud, the first Microsoft virtual appliance available in a VMware cloud, and will cut deployment time and expense.  As a Virtual Appliance, the application and OS are pre-installed, pre-configured and pre-tested as a ready-to-go SharePoint 2010 instance.  There are no shared resources with other customers as would be the case in a managed multi-tenant SharePoint 2010 environment.

The SharePoint 2010 product launch sets apart in the marketplace by offering a Microsoft application in three varieties to meet varying customer needs.  SharePoint 2010 will be available for purchase as a Virtual Appliance, Virtual Machine and on a Dedicated Server.  The SharePoint virtual appliance will be available on September 21.  Visit the SharePoint 2010 webpage to pre-register to receive product announcements and view the virtual appliance demo. will offer the Zimbra Mail Appliance through the services catalog it is completing within its customer portal for all private and public clouds.  The Zimbra Mail appliance and other virtual appliances will be available through the customer portal within minutes for companies that desire a mail solution that runs on VMware, vSphere 4 technologies.

Craig McLellan, Chief Technology Officer noted, “Virtual Appliances represent the future groundwork for software deployment methods. By providing a Service Catalog of Virtual Appliances, we are able to provide ISVs an opportunity to instantly expose their solutions to potential clients and provide clients with pre-packaged infrastructure slices, decreased install times and a robust catalog to meet their business needs.”  McLellan added, “Clients will essentially skip hardware and operating system preparation – within a few clicks and in less than ten minutes, the Virtual Appliance is deployed.”

By leveraging Cloud Hosting along with a Virtual Appliance, customers have the ability to spin up cloud resources in order to leverage that single purpose virtual machine.  Customers can launch a Virtual Appliance through the Customer Portal and get the benefits of uptime, portal virtual machine management, and a pre-configured instance of the environment. and VMware are meeting with several industry-leading ISVs, Application developers and VARs at VMworld 2010 to discuss the Services Catalog that is developing for its portal.  The intent is to create an environment for ISVs to develop and quickly deploy virtual appliances to 10,000’s of cloud users and provide a mechanism to sell these products both online and through traditional sales channels such as VARs.

The Virtual Appliances announcements correspond with’s launch of its Cloud 2.0 solution set that primarily focuses on cloud functionality, motion and agility.’s Cloud 2.0 products are being featured at VMworld 2010, booth 1608, this week in San Francisco.

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