HostVentures Launches an IPv6 Network in Northern Virginia

September 24, 2010 by  

Hosting ServicesReston, VA – HostVentures launched IPv6 network services in its northern Virginia datacenter node. The launch of its services on the IPv6 protocol enabled network is intended to support the wider assimilation of IPv6 platform in all major operating systems used in commercial, business, and home consumer environments.

“IPv6 is the next generation internet protocol that is intended to succeed IPv4,” says Andrew Gugel, HostVentures’ Vice President of Technology Development, “While most people believe that IPv6 was created solely to replace IPv4 only because of the impending exhaustion of physical IPv4 addresses, the redesigned IPv6 offers must more than that. IPv6 128 bit addresses are better for efficient route aggregation for direct and multicast packets which results in significantly more efficient processing for routers. This saves time and money in terms of router management and creates a more efficient network. More importantly, IPv6 offers a greater IP security environment for IP encryption and authentication.”

To deploy IPv6 services, HostVentures had to overcome the inability of IPv6 and IPv4 networks to communicate directly. HostVentures designed and deployed its network in its northern Virginia operations to implement a seamless transition between IPv6 and IPv4. The design allows the IPv6-only hosts to reach IPv4 services and allows isolated IPv6 hosts and networks to reach the IPv6 internet through the IPv4 infrastructure.

“The acceptance and use of IPv6 will be possible only if the transitions between IPv4 and IPv6 will be transparent to the end users,” added Andrew Gugel. “By making this transition possible on its network, HostVentures allows its customers to take advantage of this new technology.”

Customers that use IPv4 and IPv6 technology can now rely on HostVentures as a single provider who can design, deploy and manage their infrastructure and networks across multiple platforms.

About HostVentures, Inc., Inc. provides high availability managed and dedicated hosting, colocation and internet connectivity solutions. Headquartered in the heart of the northern Virginia Technology Corridor, HostVentures operates in multiple datacenters throughout the continental United States leveraging its customizable solutions and consultative advice to help its customers maintain and grow their critical internet infrastructure. From designing custom hosting solutions and networks, managing hardware acquisitions, to logistics and datacenter deployments, customers receive full implementation lifecycle support. HostVentures manages multiple redundant network locations across the United States to provide full scale infrastructure management services, including BGP, storage, disaster recovery, virtualization, cloud computing, load balancing, and application hosting. A Network Operations Center located in northern Virginia provides network, hardware and application monitoring for all Customer platforms. Customers range from Fortune 100 and 500 companies to small and medium businesses, including eCommerce, ISP, healthcare and financial services providers.

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