INX Announces Successful Completion of Data Center Upgrade

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Web Host ServicesHOUSTON – INX Inc. announced today that it has successfully completed a data center virtualization upgrade for Associa.

Associa, the Dallas-based leader in community association management, has over 100 office locations nationwide that serve its four million members, spread across North America. With a nearly 20% annual growth rate, Associa’s data management needs have increased. Associa recently contracted INX to design and deploy a data center virtualization upgrade designed to improve efficiency, decrease its data center footprint and increase cloud computing capacity. The project began in the summer of 2010 and it was recently completed successfully. INX has been a solution integration partner to Associa on core business critical projects since December 2007 for including unified communications, digital media, storage, virtualization and video communications technologies.

Walter Dobson, Associa’s CIO said, ”INX’s expertise allowed us to open up the door to virtualization and reap the significant benefits of the technology. They are a consultative firm that understands how to couple technology with our tangible business objectives to create a competitive advantage for us. Because of this, they are a trusted advisor to our business.”

This data center project was an extension of the virtualization capabilities INX implemented in the past and takes advantage of the latest VMware and Cisco Systems data center virtualization technologies. With Associa’s growth, it needed more cloud compute capacity in its data center. Leveraging VMware vSphere, INX deployed three additional VM hosts to Associa’s environment, increasing capacity by nearly 45%. The extra capacity had the added benefit of decreasing the data center footprint. By implementing the new Cisco Unified Computing Solution, INX was able to decrease the amount of cabling used in the data center from 80 cables down to only 10. This reduction in cables reduced the need for extra cooling by improving airflow and drastically reducing cable management issues. By implementing a virtual switching solution and 10 gigabit connectivity, Associa effectively doubled its network capacity while simultaneously decreasing cabinet real estate requirements by 50%. The efforts amount to an impressive 50% reduction in space requirements, a 45% increase in cloud compute capacity and a 100% increase in network capacity. Associa has found a reduction in the deployment time of a new VMware vSphere host, shrinking the time it takes for deployment from six hours down to 45 minutes.

Jon Krueger, Director of IT Operations at Associa said, ”INX has been a solutions partner on core business projects of ours since December 2007. We believe in the INX engagement model, expertise and high level of customer service.”

Mark Hilz, President of INX said, “Associa and INX have a long standing track record of success in data center virtualization. It’s exciting to see these technologies continue to advance and make significant positive impact in the businesses with which we are engaged.”

This project represents $375,000 in combined product and professional services revenue to INX.


INX Inc. (NASDAQ:INXI) is a leading U.S. provider of IP communications and data center solutions for enterprise organizations. INX offers a suite of advanced technology solutions focused around the entire life-cycle of enterprise IP network communications and data center infrastructure. Services are centered on the design, implementation and support of network infrastructure, including routing and switching, wireless, security, unified communications, and data center solutions such as storage and server virtualization. Customers include enterprise organizations such as corporations, as well as federal, state and local governmental agencies. Because of its focus, expertise and experience implementing and supporting advanced technology solutions for enterprises, INX believes it is well positioned to deliver superior solutions and services to its customers. Additional information about INX can be found on the Web at

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