PlusServer AG Establishes Europe’s Most Eco-friendly Data Center

September 7, 2010 by  

Hosting ServicesHUERTH, Germany – After about three years of planning and construction, and an investment of over 17 million euros, PlusServer’s data center “datadock” has now started operations. With the best energy efficiency and particularly low emission values, it currently holds the top position among Europe’s “green” data centers. The German Internet business association “eco” even attested datadock’s quality twice: it won the eco Award 2010 as the best data center and received the highest possible rating of five stars at Datacenter Star Audit (DCSA).

The data center datadock was built in the Strasbourg port area by converting a former warehouse. Strasbourg stands out due to its central European position (approximately 300 meters from the German/French border), and the main route for European fiber glass cables runs through this region. Therefore, a perfect connection to Germany, France, throughout Europe, and to the entire world is guaranteed.

Furthermore, it was only possible at this location to realize the innovative and eco-friendly artesian-well cooling principle, which is based on the area’s broad groundwater supplies. This power saving cooling method is an important factor in the low power consumption of datadock. In addition, the fact that only state-of-the-art and eco-friendly devices and appliances are used at datadock has a positive influence on the energy balance. Hence, datadock needs 66 percent less energy than the average data center. This equals savings of 26 million kWh per year at full load, or about 24 million kilograms less CO2 emission, respectively. In order to remove this quantity of the environmentally unfriendly molecule from the atmosphere would take the full capacity of over 119,000 trees for one year.

Besides power efficiency and environmental protection, further aspects were taken into consideration when planning datadock: “We made every effort to realize a comprehensive security and redundancy concept, which ensures the highest possible availability of all data”, assures PlusServer CTO Jochen Berger.

Independent third party certifications show that this effort was not in vain. datadock got five stars in the acknowledged Datacenter Star Audit as one of only seven data centers in Europe. “Based on deep expert knowledge, eco has developed an evaluation schedule that completely comprehends all demands on modern data centers”, explains Andreas Niehaus, Head of IT Operations at PlusServer. “Hence, the certificate is a very important quality distinction for data centers”, he emphasizes.

On the website, everybody can take a deeper look at datadock. Next to an interactive virtual tour, many exciting facts about Europe’s greenest data center await visitors.

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