Arsys Launches CloudBuilder on the Spanish Market

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Web Hosting ServicesSPAIN – The leading Internet presence, managed hosting and cloud computing service company Arsys has launched CloudBuilder on the Spanish market. The service was presented to trade specialists today at the SIMO Network 2010 event, and is now available on

CloudBuilder is a pioneering cloud hosting solution in Spain that enables customers to have their own technology infrastructures adaptable to peaks and troughs in demand, with an efficient pay-per-use system. CloudBuilder enables projects to be developed more efficiently than with conventional hosting services, as it eliminates the need to have under-used resources, thus reducing the investment entailed by technology infrastructure by up to 73%.

In the words of Nieves Franco, Commercial Manager of Arsys, “CloudBuilder enables each firm to configure its own cloud in minutes, tailored to its own needs, to launch an advertising campaign or support corporate applications. It is the solution that Spanish firms were calling out for, and it enables them to outsource their infrastructures with full guarantees and profitability and avoid having to concern themselves with technical issues unrelated to their business.”

CloudBuilder users administer their own virtual data centre via a simple control panel that enables them to configure numerous technical resources: CPU, memory, local storage, shared storage, templates, ISO, firewall policies, IP addressing, server connectivity, load balancing groups, server grouping, back-ups, operating systems and applications. These resources are customised in small sections of elements so that users only hire those services that they actually need and not others that will then be under-used. The service is thus adjusted to fit the specific needs of each business.

CloudBuilder also dispels any doubts that trade specialists may harbour concerning security in the cloud. The CloudBuilder Privado extension enables users to choose between different levels of isolation for their virtual data centres: they can have their own, exclusive IT resources (and opt for different levels of VPN (Virtual Private Network) isolation) in their own private cloud.

The availability of the data housed in CloudBuilder is backed up technologically by the Arsys cloud hosting platform, which uses the leading technologies in each sector, such as the VMware vSphere cloud operating system, IBM servers, 3PAR storage containers and the company data centre, capable of handling over 15,000 servers.

These technical assurances are supplemented by Arsys’ 24/7 in-house customer service and the most stringent service level agreements (SLAs), which feature compensation for unavailability of up to 20 times the amount contracted. Moreover, the Arsys cloud hosting platform is located in Spain, and CloudBuilder complies with Spanish legislation on data protection (LOPD).

About Arsys

Arsys is a leader in technology and innovation which provides Internet presence services, managed hosting, cloud computing and advanced solutions for corporate customers and individuals Arsys has over 250,000 customers and manages over 680,000 domains. The company is at the top of the ranking in its sector in Europe and is pioneering the development of Spain’s first commercial cloud hosting platform.

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