NxGen Modular Launches Data Center Operations

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Web Hosting ServicesSAN JOSE, CA – NxGen Modular, a specialty manufacturer of turnkey modular mission critical buildings and assemblies, has formally launched its operations focused on the development and installation of modular data centers. Kris Holla, a global technology entrepreneur, leads the company as its President and Chief Executive Officer.

“The mission critical market is moving into a new dimension with companies demanding speed-to-market, reduced upfront capital and operational efficiencies that reduce ongoing cost,” said Holla, in making the announcement. “NxGen is providing today’s most innovative companies with faster and more efficient ways of building and delivering data centers.”

Each NxGen data center is tailored using a selection of 50 pre-engineered, designed and factory tested modules that are assembled according to a company’s specific needs. This building-block approach maximizes efficiencies while retaining the flexibility needed for a company’s continued growth. As a result, NxGen reduces data centers’ upfront costs by 40 percent and operating costs by 30 percent while providing a 40 percent reduction in time-to-market.

“For companies facing pressure to reduce upfront and total costs and reduce cycle time, NxGen offers a solution that’s unique in our industry,” said Eric Lamb, executive vice president of DPR Construction, one of the nation’s top builders of mission critical facilities that is currently working with NxGen Modular on a project. “NxGen has leveraged the experience of leading data center engineers and builders to develop a modular offering that can be adapted and scaled to a company’s specific needs.”

Since NxGen’s modular centers are scalable – able to grow along with a company – costs remain proportionate to companies’ needs and budgets.

The success of this approach is evident in NxGen’s construction of a turnkey data center in Iowa for one of the world’s leading software providers. The two-phase, 10MW data center, which mandated stringent security, power and budget specifications, is scheduled for completion within 37 weeks at a cost savings of more than 30 percent over traditional construction.

Holla, who brings to NxGen more than 20 years of international business experience, will lead the company’s efforts to address exponential growth in demand for similar projects. He is a veteran corporate strategist and operator in global technology market development. He joins NxGen from Emerson Network Power/Knuerr Group (NYSE:EMR), where he was executive vice president and chief sales officer. Before its sale to Emerson, Holla was part-owner of Knuerr Group and helped reposition the company as a provider of premier data center infrastructures and solutions.

Holla holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Oregon State, Corvallis, and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Bangalore, India. He also holds an executive MBA from Stanford University.

About NxGen Modular

From a vantage point informed by 25 years of mission critical experience valued at more than $3 billion, NxGen Modular is providing today’s most innovative companies with a faster, more efficient means of building data centers. By applying an experience-based approach, along with next generation design and modeling techniques, NxGen Modular delivers improved buildings or systems at a fraction of the cost and time of the known alternatives.

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