Caspio Simplifies Data Analysis in the Cloud with Robust Reporting Features

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Web Hosting ServicesMountain View, CA – Caspio, Inc., the leading platform-as-a-service without coding, today announced the immediate availability of new Advanced Reporting features that allow users to create more powerful reports for real-time data analysis in the cloud. Caspio’s step-by-step wizards provide a simple way for anyone to publish spreadsheet and database information as an interactive report on their own website for users to quickly explore, share and analyze critical business information in real time.

“The amount of information people have to absorb in today’s business environment is staggering. That’s why we have made it easier for customers to start with any set of data and point-and-click their way to powerful reports accessible to authorized users or the general public,” said company founder and CEO, Frank Zamani. “The new additions, combined with our built-in online database and application builder, allow for a new breed of highly intelligent web and mobile applications.”

The new features deliver dynamic reporting and data visualization capabilities that enable non-technical users to easily add calculations, summaries and grouping to traditionally flat data, all without any programming.

Advanced Reporting Features Include:
• Calculated Fields – Intuitive wizards make it easy to define calculations and add custom formulas to reports.
• Totals and Aggregation – Roll up data in various ways using common aggregations like sum, average, min, max, count and a complete list of functions.
• Data Grouping – Information can be visually organized into expandable groups to simplify data categorization.
• Embedded Deployment – Exclusive to Caspio, the embedded deployment technology allows users to seamlessly embed applications on any website, CMS, blog or mobile site just by pasting the provided deploy code.
• Dynamic Dashboards – Ability to create web-based dashboards displaying multiple reports and charts on the same page.
• Unlimited Users – With its flexible “unlimited user” pricing and proven scalability, Caspio is an ideal solution for organizations looking for both internal and large scale public-facing applications.

A pioneer in cloud computing since 2000, Caspio bridges the gap for non-technical business users to create powerful web-based and mobile applications and deploy them seamlessly to any website, eliminating development time and infrastructure costs. Today, the Caspio platform powers over 400,000 web applications for Fortune-500 companies, small-to-medium sized businesses, government agencies, universities, and over 80 percent of the largest newspaper websites in North America.

Advanced Reporting features are available now in Caspio packages starting at $79.95 per month, with generous capacity for unlimited users and 20 applications to start. For details, videos, and information on other recent features, visit

About Caspio, Inc.

Caspio, Inc. is the world’s leading leading do-it-yourself platform-as-a-service. The company’s philosophy is to empower business users to create and deploy online databases, forms, and applications easily and without programming. Caspio’s platform-as-a-service replaces coding with intuitive point-and-click wizards, enabling users to rapidly produce web database components for capturing, publishing, and managing data online. Caspio shrinks development time from weeks to hours, and from thousands of dollars to a small monthly fee. A free 14-day trial is available at

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