Ensim Corporation to Join Forces with NetConnect ASA

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Web Hosting ServicesSanta Clara, CA — Ensim Corporation is pleased to announce that NetConnect and Ensim have entered into a letter of intent concerning joining the two businesses with NetConnect as the acquiring entity. The combined company will see a dramatic increase in revenues and earnings with a strong combined product portfolio. In addition, the combined entity will see significant synergy with sales and marketing efforts and product development with a strong well rounded management team.

The parties expect to enter into a definitive agreement within the next two weeks. The completion of a transaction is subject to approval by the Boards and shareholders of the respective companies. The combined entity will have a strong presence in both the US and European marketplace.

NetConnect and Ensim were both founded in 1998; the combined entity will continue to offer intuitive, unique and innovative collaborative solutions for global users including enhanced collaboration and communication capabilities for end users leveraging Microsoft’s technologies. The combined entity will also leverage deep technology assets managing key applications with its suite of infrastructure management tools that enable identity and access management, provisioning and administration automation, change audit & reporting, and policy enforcement for Microsoft server products including Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and Office Communications Server (OCS).

Both companies have focused on software and services that automate complex tasks that normally involve manual work by IT professionals. The companies’ combined and complementary cloud-computing offering will be unique in their ability to address the need to manage both software and services for large enterprises and service providers around the world.

As these communication capabilities continue to converge, NetConnect will provide a unified collaboration platform offering a wealth of critical services to both end users as well as the IT professionals that manage them. Using the best technologies available, they will continue to deliver on this future by offering an automated, secure, and compliant environment that simplifies collaboration, communication, and teamwork.

About Ensim Corporation
Founded in 1998, Ensim Corporation is the leading provider of user provisioning and access management software. Ensim products are used by service providers and enterprises worldwide to accelerate and enable deployment of integrated solutions, simplify and automate secure management of complex environments, and increase user and IT productivity. Ensim has over two million users under management and is Microsoft Gold Certified.

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