HTTP Insure enters Alpha Testing Phase

November 26, 2010 by  

Web Host ServicesAtlanta, Georgia – HTTP Insure launched the opening for Alpha testing of the HTTP Insure product that looks set to revolutionize website backups forever. Previously many people have tried to backup their websites to an external source only to be thwarted by the complexity and cost of such an action. Having seen this gap in the market, HTTP Insure has stepped up with a product that is easy to use and low cost.

“Our management team has a strong background in day to day hosting and web development and we were getting asked around 10-15 times a day to recommend a product that could do an external backup easily. There wasn’t one and now there is.” says HTTP Insure President David Guerra. “We’ve been working along side some top names in the industry to try and pull together a ‘one size fits all product’ and I believe we are either there or very close”

Each day hundreds of websites are the victim of a website hack, server failure, or webmaster error. In addition to these, there are hosting companies ceasing to trade each day due to the volatile financial climate that they operate under. Taking steps to ensure your website remains online is therefore becoming a big part of online life.

HTTP Insure is currently looking for 50 users to help alpha test their service. During this time your websites will be protected free of charge. To sign up for a testing account, visit

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