Instor Solutions Launches Data Center Airflow Division

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Web Hosting ServicesFremont, CA – Instor Solutions, a leader in data center infrastructure management solutions, announced today that it has launched a data center airflow division to accelerate adoption of Instor’s thermal- and airflow-management products and services.

In concert with the creation of its new data center airflow division, Instor has announced that it is partnering with Triad Floors, a leading manufacturer of data-center floor tiles.  The partnership adds Triad’s patented Hi-Plume Fin, which improves airflow through perforated tiles and installs in less than ten minutes, to Instor’s palette of data-center infrastructure offerings.

Instor’s consultants will leverage Triad’s “River Cooling” philosophy, which seeks to improve Airflow Utilization Efficiency (AUE) by accelerating airflow through the center of the perforated tile, maximizing airflow dispersal to the server boundary layer and minimizing the thermal decay often found in traditional flat-bottom tiles, which typically allow only twenty-eight percent of cooled supply air to reach servers.

“We are delighted to partner with Triad to offer our customers airflow management solutions that require no data center downtime,” said Bob Hancock, President of Instor Solutions.  “Since many of today’s data centers are overcooled, airflow management is an easy and cost-effective way for data center managers to reduce their energy consumption and lower their power bills by up to forty percent.”

About Instor Solutions
Instor Solutions is a leader in data center infrastructure solutions. Instor partners with manufacturers who produce some of the most innovative solutions for the data center, including intelligent power distribution and monitoring, environmental monitoring, asset management, KVM, and custom server enclosures. Instor provides a wide variety of products and services used to support IT in both large and small enterprises.

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