AYKsolutions Announces New London Data Center Space

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Website Hosting ToolboxSchenectady, NY – AYKsolutions, a leading provider of web hosting solutions and unmetered servers, announced today its expansion into the European market with new data center space located in London, UK. The data center, which is AYKsolutions’ first location outside of the US, is designed to create maximum reliability, efficiency, and performance and provide the company’s current clients and new customers with a better way to reach their visitors in Europe and surrounding areas.

“We are very excited to announce our first international data center location,” says Artyom Khmelnitsky, President of AYKsolutions. “In response to continued customer demand for data center space and services outside the US, we selected London as our first international data center location. This expands our data center footprint to eight facilities, allowing us to provide a new extent of geographic diversity and redundancy to our customer base.”

The expansion into the European hosting marketplace is a strategic move for AYKsolutions, allowing the company to further solidify its position as a major player in the hosting industry and increase their capacity and geographic reach with a new data center in London. The company’s new London dedicated hosting facility will give AYKsolutions clients with end-users in Europe an opportunity to enjoy the same degree of security and reliability on a new level of geographic redundancy.

“Our expansion into Europe has been in the planning stages for many months so we are extremely happy to be able to go live with our new London hosting facility,” says Khmelnitsky. “We look forward to providing our current customers as well as new European clients with unparalleled service and support, at affordable price points, that we have been known for in the US hosting market.”

The new AYKsolutions’ London dedicated hosting facility will adhere to the same high standards set in the company’s existing data centers in multiple other locations across the US. The facility features remote reboots and KVMIP for easy management and sits on fiber from Tier 1 network with national as well as global peering arrangements. To AYKsolutions this means capacity for growth and possibilities for redundancy, assuring network availability to its client base.

“AYKsolutions has established itself as a quality dedicated servers, dedicated hosting, and dedicated server hosting provider with seven data center locations across the Unites States,” says Khmelnitsky. “We continue to build on this reputation by providing our customers with substantial network capacity, excellent connectivity, professional management, and advanced physical security. All of our London servers will come with at least 100TB of premium Tier 1 bandwidth and servers will start at just $109 per month as a current promotion.”

AYKsolutions’ new European capacity addition is a good representation of the company’s continued commitment in the web hosting market. As with their US data centers, AYKsolutions will carry high data center standards, but at very competitive prices, meaning that any individual or organization looking for dedicated server hosting services can benefit from a quality facility at an affordable cost. Customers interested in learning more about AYKsolutions’ new London, UK data center space or 100TB servers and dedicated server hosting solutions, are encouraged to visit

About AYKsolutions
AYKsolutions LLC. is a leading web hosting company that has been providing high quality hosting services since 2004. AYKsolutions offers a comprehensive range of web hosting solutions to meet the needs of Internet professionals and enterprise customers. The company’s product line includes shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and Vault Data Protection. With a roster of high-end data centers across the US and now Europe, AYKsolutions is able to provide dedicated clients with innovative and improved service levels and a professional, painless, and polite hosting experience.

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