Neustar Webmetrics Introduces Visual Web Monitoring

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Website Hosting ToolboxSTERLING, VA – Neustar Inc. (NYSE: NSR) today announced the expansion of its Visual Application Monitoring service for websites to include Image Verification, a feature that interacts like a real user with an application and verifies the image actually “looks” correct and renders properly. The Webmetrics Visual Application Monitoring solution is used by websites to ensure their visitors have an optimal rich media user experience. By capturing and verifying images upon playback in a real Internet Explorer® browser, the new Visual Application function confirms that a particular action has occurred or that an application has loaded correctly. Webmetrics Visual Application Monitoring service also offers the ability to monitor perceived load time.

“Currently no other performance monitoring company has the capability of verifying the appearance of images and monitoring perceived load time in a single script that is validated by a real Internet Explorer® browser,” said Alex Berry, senior vice president of Neustar’s Internet Infrastructure Services (IIS) group. “The Visual Application Monitoring technology is built upon the existing robust and reliable Webmetrics RIA (Rich Internet Application) network to ensure that our customers’ rich media is performing around the clock.”

Webmetrics’ customers who add the Visual Application Monitoring service can monitor and verify the performance of the images their customers are viewing in Flash®, Silverlight® and other complex web applications. Actionable performance alerts and comprehensive performance metrics on rich media components are also generated in a breakdown of each step in the user experience.

In addition to monitoring rich media performance, Webmetrics’ external monitoring solutions offers a complete product portfolio including monitoring of websites, applications, web services, streams and network services. Webmetrics accesses a website from outside a company’s network, simulating real user transactions as often as every minute, from over 100 major cities worldwide. Performance alerts allow customers to fix immediate problems before end users are negatively impacted.

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