Top becomes 100th member of LONAP’s peering network

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Website Hosting ToolboxUnited Kingdom – has confirmed they are now the 100th member to join LONAP’s peering network. LONAP, a not-for-profit IXP, facilitates traffic interchange between its members and operates its service out of 5 state-of-the-art data centres within London. LONAP will provide with a connections of 10GBps, with a fast switch fabric and inter-site links to ensure UK2’s speed of connecting to the peer network remains as fast as possible, giving their users better connectivity to the site and thus improving their overall web experience.

Another advantage for UK2 on LONAP’s IXP is reduced latency. Members are able to keep traffic local by exchanging it closer to the source, which means that the time it takes for a data packet to reach its destination is reduced. LONAP will also provide UK2 with additional routes to sites hosted on LONAP’s peering network and therefore increasing the resilience of UK2’s connectivity into the UK infrastructure.

Andy Davidson, Director at LONAP had this to say: “LONAP are delighted to welcome UK2 as members. Their membership allows the other networks connected to LONAP direct access to the many thousands of sites hosted on UK2, and UK2 can also deliver website content directly to internet users for free over the LONAP exchange. The result is faster web page and online application delivery for internet users, and cheaper connectivity for UK2.”

Martin Baker, Managing Director of, said: “We are very excited to be the 100th member on LONAPs peering network. It’s a great opportunity for us and this partnership means we can save on overall spend while at the same time improving the speed of our network which in-turn benefits our customers. We are looking forward to working with LONAP for now and the foreseeable future.”

UK2 understand that consumers are looking for a more responsive online experience and are constantly trying to find ways to meet these demands. This new deal with LONAP should see them take another strong foot forward in a bid to stay on top of the competition and remain one of the leading web hosting providers in the UK.

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