Cyber Wurx Announces Atlanta Colocation Space in Planned Enterprise-Class Datacenter

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Web Host BlogAtlanta, GA – Cyber Wurx, a leader in the webhosting industry, has announced a $7 million expansion with plans to open its second datacenter in the Atlanta area. The enterprise-class datacenter will be SAS 70 certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, meaning that it will meet strict standards in regards to building access and security in addition to access and security to the datacenter itself. Stringent guidelines on data storage, customer information, and hardware and software security will also be met to ensure the excellent quality of the company’s services, including Atlanta colocation.

Chris Schwarz, CEO of Cyber Wurx, said, “The new datacenter will be designed with the latest technology and security standards. This will not only satisfy server space demands for the months and years ahead, but will provide our customers with state-of-the art services as well as peace of mind. With our new growth into an Enterprise-class Datacenter, we remain committed to our customers’ needs and look forward to meeting them as we move further into the 21st century.”
Cyber Wurx is the leader for Atlanta colocation services, and is connected with Tier 1 service providers. Customers have a choice of provider, and of different levels of service. Each plan can be customized with add-on features such as scalable bandwidth and rackspace options to choose from to meet the client company’s needs. Even for colocation services hosted in the new facility, customers can also choose the size of rack space and number of IP addresses included with the plan.

The new datacenter will only add to the number of customers the company can provide these services to. With the new facility, Cyber Wurx will be able to offer more customers even more in terms of enterprise-class datacenter space. It will also be capable of scaling up webhosting services already in place to satisfy the requirements of growing client businesses.

“The new facility will also be eco-friendly,” Schwarz added, “Environmentally conscious customers can be rest assured that these state-of-the-art Atlanta colocation services are hosted using a minimal environmental footprint, while we provide best-in-class service.”

Cyber Wurx also offers dedicated servers as well as virtual webhosting plans for both individuals and businesses. For more information, visit for details on the company’s equipment and services.

About Cyber Wurx
Cyber Wurx is a service provider that offers the latest in outsourced webhosting services. Founded in 1997, the company offers affordable service plans, with top-of-the-line equipment, for both individuals and businesses. Its datacenter is located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, while a second, SAS 70 certified datacenter is planned to go into operation, which will also be protected by state-of-the-art security, fire suppression, high-voltage emergency power, and access control systems.

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