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Hosting ToolboxNew York – Future Facilities has announced a new addition to its 6SigmaDC data center design and operations software suite. Designated 6SigmaRoomLite, the new module meets the need for a high quality, low-cost, and easy-to-use data center simulation tool. The software offers a clear and accurate view of conceptual design and environmental issues in critical facilities and data centers.

“We developed 6SigmaRoomLite in response to our customer’s requests for a less feature-rich and less complex application to provide a more immediate CFD analysis of data center space,” said Hassan Moezzi, CEO, Future Facilities. “We wanted even those unfamiliar with Computational Fluid Dynamics to be able to make accurate visualizations of data facilities with a minimum of training.”

6SigmaRoomLite is well positioned for engineering decision-making at the conceptual design phase, where design assumptions sometimes lack detail and much specific information is in short supply. Using a step-by-step guide, data center professionals can easily perform an analysis of static infrastructure and create a macroscopic overview of the facility environment.

Simulation is an effective way of managing both risk and cost when designing and upgrading data centers and computer rooms, because it allows the effects of design decisions to be modeled in the virtual world before being implemented in the real world.

6SigmaRoomLite features advanced modeling capabilities with uncompromised detail for critical objects like floor grilles and blanking panels, detailed equipment libraries and a state-of-the-art solver optimized for multi-processor platforms and with batch mode capability. Physical modeling capabilities include buoyancy, in-cabinet recirculation and more.

The new application is compatible with popular tools such as AutoCAD, and can import data from asset management software like Aperture. 6SigmaRoomLite uses industry-standard sensible defaults for library items and defaults, and is able to import tabular data for cabinet and IT equipment objects.

As more detail within the data center environment becomes available, 6SigmaRoomLite users have the option to upgrade to the full scale and detailed modeling capabilities of Future Facilities’ 6SigmaRoom module, which boasts an extensive range of powerful features and full integration with a number of third party software packages. 6SigmaRoom and 6SigmaRoomLite are fully compatible so that room models are transferable in both directions.

“We believe that 6SigmaRoomLite will prove popular as a first step in data centre simulation and visualization. As the need for additional accuracy grows so that in-depth analyses of critical facilities such as energy studies can be performed, and capacity and change management applications implemented, Future Facilities has ensured a clear upgrade path to the greater CFD functionality available in 6SigmaDC,” said Hassan Moezzi.

6SigmaRoomLite may be downloaded for a free 30 day trial, by joining Future Facilities at DatacenterDynamics New York (Marriott Marquis, NY, March 10), by calling the company on 408-436-7701 or by visiting

About Future Facilities
Future Facilities is a leading provider of powerful design, optimization and management software for mission critical facilities and data centers worldwide. The company’s solutions are applied to ensure all capacity, efficiency and reliability criteria are met throughout all phases of the facility lifecycle.

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