Racktivity Announces EnergySwitch ES1008 Next Generation Power Distribution Unit for Data Centers

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Hosting ToolboxRedwood City, CA – Racktivity, a pioneer in the development of next-generation data center power distribution and energy management solutions, today announced the availability of its new next generation EnergySwitchTM ES1008 Power Distribution Unit (PDU) solution for energy and environmental management within data centers. Racktivity’s ES1008 gives data center professionals real-time, true RMS measurement capability, predictive analysis and individual power-port level switching capability, all at the industry’s lowest energy consumption available in a PDU device.

“Our new ES1008 PDU is the most intelligent PDU available in the market today, providing those real-time metrics essential for operators to precisely understand and manage their power consumption in data centers,” said Marco DeMiroz, President & CEO of Racktivity. “The ES1008 provides the most comprehensive set of performance analytics for every port along with per-port switching. Our ES1008 actually sees voltage spikes, ripple and sag, along with harmonics produced by attached IT devices before they actually fail. Our EnergySwitchTM Family is the first Genius PDU on the market.”

One existing customer is Philippe Durando, CTO of Luxembourg Telecom, who provides some insight into his selection of Racktivity PDU devices; “We needed a PDU solution to give us highly detailed per-port energy monitoring in our data centers and found the True RMS monitoring and remote management features on the Racktivity ES1008 to be much more comprehensive than anything else we had evaluated. As a result, we have found energy management and control much easier with less guesswork. Based on these stellar results, we expect to be deploying the Racktivity EnergySwitchTM PDU solution across more and more of our operations.”

Racktivity EnergySwitchTM PDUs give data center professionals actionable power utilization data to make informed decisions on power consumption and power quality. EnergySwitchTM PDUs provide real-time remote switching and port-level true RMS monitoring of current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW), power factor and energy consumption (kWh, kVAh) with better than 99% accuracy. They also integrate with Racktivity’s EnergySensorTM family of data center environmental sensors for enhanced monitoring of temperature, humidity, motion, light, sound, leaks, smoke, air pressure and air flow. User-defined alarm and warning thresholds help manage risk with real-time local and remote alerts to warn of potential circuit overloads and environmental events.

About Racktivity
Racktivity, an innovator in next-generation energy and environment management solutions for data centers, offers the industry’s only integrated hardware and software solution, The EnergyCloudTM System, to deliver measure and manage power across an Enterprise’s distributed data centers. The EnergyCloudTM System gives customers full visibility and control of their data center energy consumption while integrating seamlessly with other data center applications and PDU appliances. As part of the EnergyCloudTM System, Racktivity’s EnergySwitch™ family of Genius Power Distribution Units (PDUs), equips data centers with the most advanced metering, switching and predictive analysis capabilities available on the market today. Racktivity was founded in 2009 in Ghent, Belgium, by Wilbert Ingels, an experienced executive in data center technologies, and by Kristof De Spiegeleer, serial entrepreneur and visionary. Global venture capital firm, PARTECH International, and Belgian-based Hummingbird Ventures, provided the funding for the Company. Racktivity’s U.S. headquarters is located in Redwood City, California and has offices in Lochristi, Belgium.

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