Intermedia Launches Online Backup Service

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Hosting ReviewsNew York, NY – Intermedia, the world’s largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, today launched an Online Backup service small and mid-size businesses can use to automatically back up files on their employees’ desktops and laptops. The service is powered by Mozy™, an online backup service from EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC).

Businesses set up and manage Online Backup from Intermedia’s HostPilot® Control Panel – the same control panel used for Intermedia cloud services such as hosted Exchange email and VoIP calling. Intermedia’s integrated approach gives businesses access to best-of-breed cloud services, but spares them from having to use multiple control panels or pay multiple bills.

“Small and mid-size business owners should ask themselves, What happens if my hard drive crashes, or I accidentally spill coffee into my laptop?” says Jonathan McCormick, COO, Intermedia. “The impact to a business can be significant if customer contacts or key records are lost. Losing or damaging a computer is not always preventable, but losing data is preventable with Online Backup.”

Intermedia Online Backup is:
– Simple to set up and manage. Administrators manage Online Backup directly from HostPilot Control Panel, where they can add users, view backup status for each computer, restore lost files, and manage storage.
– A secure way to back up files to the cloud. Running in the background on users’ computers, Online Backup automatically backs up the current version of files and folders in case a computer is lost or damaged – or a file is inadvertently deleted. 128-bit SSL data encryption is used.
– Affordable. Online Backup is a cost-effective service. Pooled storage limits for all users at a company reduce storage fees.

Online Backup is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and will also be available for resale by Intermedia’s Private Label Partners shortly.

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