Server Farm Realty Begins Leasing Green Data Center in Washington

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Hosting ServicesMOSES LAKE, WA – Server Farm Realty Inc. (SFRI), one of the nation’s most innovative data center developers, announced today the availability of its second phase – 10,000SF and 2MW – of data center space in ‘TiTAN,’ a 136,000-SF highly-efficient data center in Moses Lake, Wash.

“Energy efficiency is a driving factor in the data center selection process,” said SFRI president and CEO Avner Papouchado. “TiTAN is comparable to data centers being used by the world’s most profitable technology companies. We’ve pushed the limits of energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint, while maintaining flexibility for a tenant’s IT deployment. Each element has been selected and purposefully designed to boost our clients’ bottom lines.”

TiTAN’s energy efficiency is comparable to the “best practice techniques” outlined in Facebook’s widely-reported Open Compute Project. TiTAN offers a 1.2 PUE and features the G9000 Toshiba UPS system with the latest IGBTs, which produces 97-percent efficiency without using a “stand-by” mode. Furthermore, the UPS system maintains high efficiency even at loads between 10 percent and 40 percent typically seen in N+1 and parallel configurations, making it 20 percent more efficient at low loads than the rest of the UPS industry. TiTAN also uses the modular IntelliBatt® Battery Solution with a built-in IntelliBatt® battery monitoring system. These are tied to a centralized and staffed NOC that constantly monitors and extends the life of the battery systems up to 35 percent. The facility also takes advantage of the high desert climate by utilizing direct and indirect evaporative cooling and 100 percent free cooling.

TiTAN is 85 percent powered by Grant County Public Utility District’s two large hydroelectric generating plants located on the nearby Columbia River. This use of natural and renewable energy significantly reduces the facility’s carbon footprint. As a result, TiTAN boosts clients’ bottom lines with power costs at 2 cents/kW-hr.

TiTAN’s other key features include:
– The data center’s design is concurrently maintainable.
– Fire tolerant design featuring rooms and fire suppression separation for each electrical lineup and Hi-Fog, a high-pressure misting fire suppression system that uses 90 percent less water in pre-action (millions of drops compared to hundreds of thousands of sprinkler drops).
– Carrier neutral, supporting Qwest, 360 Network, LEVEL 3 Network, NTI, ZAYO and NOANET.
– Resides outside the 500-year flood zone.
– The facility is a former NORAD missile control center that served as a first line of defense during the height of the Cold War. It is designed to withstand a 10-megaton nuclear blast.
– Its location is ideal for direct, streamlined connectivity to the Asian markets.

SFRI provides complete flexibility in lease options from shell to server-ready leases and anything in between. The company is also capable of building custom solutions on an as-needed basis.

SFRI is also currently leasing 27,000SF of data center space at its facility in Santa Clara, Calif. With a similar design and efficiency as TiTAN, the Santa Clara facility is on track to be certified LEED Silver and features 1.3 PUE, free and evaporative cooling, and a 1.5 importance factor.

About Server Farm Realty Inc.
Server Farm Realty Inc. is one of the nation’s most innovative data center developers. Owned by the Red Sea Group, an international real estate development company, Server Farm Realty Inc. is changing the way wholesale data centers are built and leased. The firm builds highly reliable and efficient custom data centers that offer concurrent maintainability. For more information visit

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