Terremark Boosts New vCloud Express Upgrades

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Hosting ReviewsMIAMI – Terremark Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMRK), a leading global provider of managed IT infrastructure services, today announced the addition of new levels of support and an innovative new storage pricing model for users of its vCloud Express offering. The company also updated its pricing model for virtual machines leveraging large amounts of memory, processing and storage resources.

Terremark’s newly launched Priority Support service for vCloud Express provides customers with immediate access to the company’s technical support team, which will allow customers to interact live with Terremark’s team of cloud computing experts and dramatically reduce remediation time. In addition, the company has adjusted the pricing of storage on its vCloud Express offering so that users are charged for the peak storage capacity utilized over the course of the month, instead of being charged for the total disk space deployed. This new storage pricing model allows users to adjust their storage resources dynamically to meet their real-time needs without incurring high costs. Terremark also reduced costs up to 40 percent for users moving memory-intensive workloads to the cloud by launching a new pricing structure for larger virtual machines.

“The updated features and modified pricing for our vCloud Express offering reflects the updates our customers have asked for,” said Chris Drumgoole, Terremark’s Senior Vice President of Client Services. “The thousands of users that leverage the secure, reliable, and cost-effective computing resources offered by Terremark’s vCloud Express are consistently delivering the innovation and value that allow their private or public-sector organizations to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving environment. We believe these updates will serve to extend the leading-edge nature of our service and enhance our position in this highly competitive market.”

Terremark’s vCloud Express provides customers flexible, high-performance computing resources on demand with the control to configure their environments as needed while paying for only capacity they use. Customers are able to easily sign up for the service online with a credit card and immediately begin provisioning computing capacity using Terremark’s intuitive Web console. Integrated firewalls, load balancing and network management features allow users to easily customize their cloud environment to their specific needs. Users are also able to access their cloud computing environments via the VMware vCloud™ API, enabling interoperability across internal and external clouds.

Terremark’s modified pricing for its vCloud Express is retroactively effective as of April 1. For more information on the customer support and pricing updates, please visit

About Terremark Worldwide, Inc.
Terremark Worldwide (NASDAQ:TMRK) is a leading global provider of IT infrastructure services delivered on the industry’s most robust and advanced technology platform. Leveraging data centers in the United States, Europe and Latin America with access to massive and diverse network connectivity, Terremark delivers government and enterprise customers a comprehensive suite of managed solutions including managed hosting, colocation, disaster recovery, security, data storage and cloud computing services. Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud computing architecture delivers the agility, scale and economic benefits of cloud computing to mission-critical enterprise and Web 2.0 applications and its DigitalOps® service platform combines end-to-end systems management workflow with a comprehensive customer portal. More information about Terremark Worldwide can be found at

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