Logicworks Announces New Release of infiniCloud

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Webmaster ToolboxNEW YORK – With thousands of IT professionals, technology enthusiasts, and cloud computing vendors converging on New York City’s Javits Convention Center this week for the annual Cloud Expo, Logicworks will announce a new release of infiniCloud™ – its on-demand cloud computing service. New features include the ability to partition multiple VLANs to set up secure networks, native Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections directly to infiniCloud, and Private Cloud capabilities for adding dedicated equipment like firewalls, private hosts, and storage.

Founded in 1993 by Carter Burden, Logicworks is headquartered in downtown Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood and operates three datacenter facilities in New York, New Jersey, and California. Leveraging its local base of operations, Logicworks specializes in IT solutions for Media and Software-as-a-Service clients like Bravo, iVillage, Oxygen Networks, Major League Baseball, Dow Jones, The National Enquirer, Radar Online, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Logicworks also provides compliant solutions for finance, commerce, and healthcare projects including several online trading platforms and a major Health Information Exchange project commencing this year in cooperation with Orion Health.

“Users of Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions are becoming more knowledgeable and sophisticated as the market evolves, and require better visibility and interoperability between public and private infrastructures” said Kenneth Ziegler, COO of Logicworks. “With infiniCloud we’ve created a dynamic compute service with the speed, security and flexibility needed for today’s feature-rich web applications, along with the versatility to connect seamlessly to private client environments in order to meet performance and compliance standards.”

infiniCloud is Logicworks’ public cloud service, offering on-demand computing resources that can be purchased online by using a credit card at For clients that wish to take a step beyond “do-it-yourself” cloud services, Logicworks offers the full range of services it currently offers its managed hosting clients. Managed services are support features on top of infiniCloud including a 100% Application Uptime service level agreement, implementation of redundant configurations with no single point of failure, a dedicated account manager, site monitoring, patching, in-depth reporting, and access to top-level engineering support for virtual machine configuration management, security, and managed database services for the leading database platforms. One of the unique features of infiniCloud is that clients can create availability zones out of their dedicated infrastructure at Logicworks and burst into infiniCloud on an as-needed basis. Logicworks also offers direct network connections between infiniCloud and dedicated hosting environments.

About Logicworks
Logicworks provides cloud computing and managed hosting to some of the world’s most popular websites and applications for clients including Dow Jones, Starwood Hotels, Major League Baseball, Radar Online, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Logicworks offers a range of solutions beginning with infiniCloud©, a pay-by-the-hour public cloud service. As client needs grow, Logicworks enables migration into private clouds, complex managed hosting, and enterprise solutions. For specialized industries including media, healthcare and finance, Logicworks provides custom solutions focused on content delivery, managed database services, and compliant hosting. Combining innovative approaches to technology with an 18-year track record in the hosting industry, Logicworks is the ideal partner for mission-critical online projects. For additional information, contact us today at or call 866-FOR-LOGIC.

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