Hexagrid Reveals the Infrastructure as a Service DNA Software for Healthy Cloud at HostingCon 2011

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Hosting ServicesSan Diego, CA – Hexagrid Computing, a leading enabler of Infrastructure as a Service solutions, reveals the ‘DNA software for healthy cloud’ that is making IT work for hosting and service providers worldwide.

“We are looking forward to showcasing the award-winning VxDatacenter cloud platform as the ‘DNA software for healthy cloud’ at HostingCon 2011,” says Suresh Mandava, CEO and Founder of Hexagrid Computing.  “Making IT work for providers, business consumers, and end users alike is the heart of Hexagrid’s Infrastructure as a Service solutions.  A healthy cloud ecosystem requires this holistic approach to be a viable in the global marketplace.”

After exhibiting at HostingCon 2010 in Austin, Hexagrid upped-the-ante as a Silver Sponsor of HostingCon 2011 which will be held at the San Diego Convention Center August 8th to August 10th.  Hexagrid advertisements, promotions, and attendance at this year’s event reflect the company’s growth over the past year and optimistic outlook going into 2012.

“Our increased presence at HostingCon 2011 directly mirrors Hexagrid’s progression over the past year,” according to Joseph Seibel, CFO and vice president of strategic development.  “Our HostingCon 2011 booth is twice as big, our team attending the event is twice as big, and coincidently Hexagrid employs twice as many people with client and partner growth doubling quarter over quarter for three consecutive quarters since HostingCon 2010.”

In addition to a new massaging campaign surrounding the ‘DNA software for healthy cloud’, Hexagrid will bring a new promotion to HostingCon 2011 with the Cloud Business Starter Kit.  This promotion offers smaller hosting or service providers a simple three-step process to get their cloud business off the ground with minimal start-up costs and unlimited expansion potential.  In addition, service providers taking advantage of this promotion within 30 days of the event will receive a $250 account credit to further ease the launch of a cloud computing service offering during the customer on-boarding process.

“In summary, our Cloud Business Starter Kit allows even the smallest hosting or service providers the opportunity to start selling self-branded infrastructure as a service solutions immediately through V3Cloud, Hexagrid’s hosted version of VxDatacenter,” explains Seibel. “As those providers start bringing on customers to growing cloud revenues, V3Cloud responds with unlimited scalability and the cost of cloud resources becomes a pass-through expense with service provider’s stockpiling margins before acquiring dedicated datacenter resources for their own cloud.  The eventual customer migration from V3Cloud to VxDatacenter is a seamless transition for cloud end-users.”

To learn more about the ‘DNA Software for a Healthy Cloud’ or take advantage of the ‘Cloud Business Starter Kit’ promotion, visit Hexagrid at HostingCon 2011 Booth #539.

About Hexagrid Computing
As a leading developer of IT infrastructure software solutions, Hexagrid Computing built the first cloud enabling platform directly aligned with real-world IT delivery models—a revolutionary approach to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that truly simplifies virtual IT management.  Hexagrid provides all the software and support that IT organizations need to successfully build cloud computing ecosystems that suit their specific business and end-user requirements.  It’s your cloud, own IT!  From basic everyday computing to intensive high-powered operations, Hexagrid IaaS cloud computing solutions enable companies to increase profits by pooling resources, delivering control, and building value.  For more information, visit

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