Front Range Hosting Launches Best in Class Services for Small Websites

October 3, 2011 by  

Web HostingDenver, CO – Front Range Hosting LLC a Denver based network services company has launched shared hosting plans targeted towards bloggers, forum communities, personal websites, and small businesses.

Employing Cloud Linux is one feature that helps shared hosting become more of a reliable resource vs using Linux without the ability to limit one site’s resources should they get a sudden influx of traffic. Cloud Linux ensures that other customers on a single shared hosting server can reach their sites while the site that is receiving a large influx of traffic if it goes to a certain extent can be throttled to ensure others are not impacted. This is a good compromise between standard shared hosting and a Virtual Private Server which comes at higher costs than shared hosting packages.

Also implementing the familiar cPanel management suite for customers, free R1Soft backups, Softaculous script installer, and video tutorials rounds out a service that brings everything to the table for novices and pros alike. Future plans include even more advanced services such as Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Cloud capabilities.

Front Range Hosting’s target audience consists of WordPress bloggers, forums, and small business websites.

About Front Range Hosting LLC
Front Range Hosting LLC is a provider of web hosting services for personal and business websites. For more information visit

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