NetSuite and CA Technologies Partner to Elevate Cloud Security

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Web HostingSAN MATEO, CA — NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced that it has partnered with CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA), a leading IT management and security software and solutions company, elevating NetSuite’s Two-Factor Authentication security for its customers. This new solution extends and strengthens the NetSuite Two-Factor Authentication security component with enterprise-proven technology based on CA Arcot WebFort®, CA Technologies’ versatile authentication solution that supports a wide range of authentication methods. It democratizes the advanced security infrastructure that’s used by some of the world’s largest organizations by using the cloud. The solution, available immediately, delivers enterprise-grade security as a service across ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and PSA. For more information about NetSuite technology partnerships, please visit

Usernames and passwords are the most common way for users to authenticate to web applications and portals. Unfortunately they are often a critical, weak link and can fail to satisfy many industry best practices or regulatory guidelines for protecting identities and data. Organizations need to protect all of their users with a strong, cost-effective method of authentication, especially when it involves confidential, proprietary or regulated data. Multi-factor authentication helps reduce the risk of identity theft and online fraud by requiring the second factor to access Web resources.

By partnering with CA Technologies, NetSuite ensures easy, real-time access to the enhanced security of two-factor authentication, which pairs a cryptographic token (“something you have”) with the traditional username and password combination (“something you know”), all powered on CA Technologies’ enterprise-proven infrastructure and delivered as a service from NetSuite. Such high-end security solutions were previously out of reach for all but the largest companies.

“We’re pleased to partner with CA Technologies, a security leader, to deliver enterprise-proven two-factor authentication that’s enjoyed by the world’s largest enterprises to businesses of every size,” said Mini Peiris, Vice President of Product Marketing, NetSuite. “Powering our two-factor authentication with CA Arcot WebFort demonstrates NetSuite’s commitment to bringing enterprise-class security to businesses of every size.”

The NetSuite and CA Arcot WebFort two-factor approach supports cryptographic tokens adhering to the industry’s Open Authentication (OATH) standard. This enables a supply of safe, reliable and transparent security solutions from multiple vendors.

“Multi-factor authentication has replaced simple user name and password as the basic requirement for secure access to systems, applications and information,” said Ram Varadarajan, general manager for CA Arcot Security solutions, CA Technologies. “By adding the CA Arcot WebFort capabilities to its authentication service, NetSuite is giving its customers an accessible and flexible option for increasing the security of business operations.”

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