Scality and TeamDrive Announce File-Sharing and Synchronization Solution for Private Clouds

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Web HostingSan Francisco, CA and Hamburg, Germany – Organic storage pioneer Scality and synchronization and collaboration specialist TeamDrive today announced the integration of Scality’s cloud storage with TeamDrive’s secure synchronization and collaboration solution. The result, a complete file-sharing and synchronization solution for private clouds, is aimed squarely at customers that want to provide a high degree of collaboration functionality and mobility, while also maintaining total security of data by encrypting data transfer and keeping it on their own infrastructure.

“Today’s agile enterprise needs to find ways to enable its people to share documents easily, which is a real challenge to do securely. While there are public cloud offerings for sharing, many enterprises are required to maintain total control of their data and keep it from leaving their network – no matter how secure that public cloud appears to be. The service offered by Scality and TeamDrive delivers a secure, cost-efficient and user-friendly alternative,” said Jérôme Lecat, Scality’s CEO.

“As a result of the Scality integration, we can offer our customers greater options for storage with the TeamDrive Cloud and Enterprise Hosting environment,” said Volker Oboda, TeamDrive CEO. “The Scality option provides globally cost-effective storage including high performance, robust data protection, high availability, and scalability. And, since Scality storage can be located on-premises or in Scality-powered public clouds, deployment options are flexible, in line with the TeamDrive offering.”

In the solution, Scality contributes its robust, scalable, storage capabilities, while TeamDrive’s built-in encryption technology ensures each user maintains total control over his/her documents.

The solution benefits from the highest possible standards of security. TeamDrive’s hosting services have been awarded the ‘Seal of Privacy’ for its solutions by Germany’s Data Protection Commissioner’s Office (the ULD).

The new Scality TeamDrive solution will be demonstrated publicly for the first time at the “SNW – Powering the Cloud” event in Frankfurt, Germany [November 2nd-3rd 2011] on the Scality booth (56).

About Scality
Scality is a VC-backed, Silicon Valley-based company delivering Scality RING Organic Storage, the ultimate solution for the storage of unstructured data at petabyte scale with zero downtime and no data migration.

The organic design creates a scale-out system with distributed intelligence, which has no single point of failure and is resilient and self-healing. Customers achieve high availability, ease of operations and total control of their data at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage. Built with patented technology, Scality RING easily scales to exabytes using x86 commodity server hardware with direct attached storage.

Typically used for private clouds (especially backup, video and file sharing, media archive, healthcare, genomics and geophysics), for public clouds (StaaS), for SaaS applications (webmail) and for Web 2.0 services, Scality RING is the first object-based storage technology to deliver the performance required for primary application storage.

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About TeamDrive Systems
TeamDrive Systems is specializes in software for secure synchronization and collaboration over the Internet. TeamDrive provides a secure scalable platform and services, which enable millions of business users to sync, share and collaborate beyond company borders. Total privacy, maximum security and full self-administration for individuals are fundamentals of the development and comprise our design principles – that is, beside “ease of use.” Our combination of cloud computing (private and public) and free choice of servers offers an unlimited cost-effective scalability and independency. The TeamDrive client watches folders in the file system and enables automatic synchronization, versioning and encryption, on the basis of private, collaborative workspaces. Documents for instance or office files, photos, music, videos and so forth are always accessible, even when offline. In conjunction with the robust and scalable TeamDrive services, this enables secure cross company as well as cross-platform collaboration. Simplicity, ease of use and the very highest security standards make TeamDrive the synchronization and collaboration platform of choice. For a customized solution evaluation of TeamDrive and Scality, please contact

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