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Web Hosting ServicesDenver – ViaWest announced the launch of its KINECTed™ Cloud service, which, unlike other cloud computing offerings, provides users a choice between two different hypervisors: a VMware-based vCloud® Powered hypervisor and an open source Xen®-based hypervisor. With KINECTed™ Cloud, users can choose the cloud type that best meets their needs and avoid the pitfalls of a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

KINECTed™ Cloud is a “community” cloud where members reside within ViaWest’s data center facilities and abide by its acceptable use policies, while taking advantage of attractive entry-level pricing. The ViaWest KINECTed™ Cloud is a flexible service designed to accommodate businesses at every stage of their lifecycle.

KINECTed™ Cloud provides a dynamic pool of computing, storage, and networking resources and doesn’t demand a capital outlay or ongoing personnel costs. Through resource pooling, KINECTed™ Cloud offers an elastic, yet measurable, service that is ideal for public-facing content, or for serving as a vital component in disaster recovery planning. The KINECTed™ Cloud can also be used as a staging, test, and development platform, because it gives developers the computing power to test multiple scenarios economically. And, as companies’ needs change, ViaWest KINECTed™ Cloud scales to meet them on two vectors, not just one.

“We found ViaWest’s Cloud offering to be incredibly reliable and predictable. Coupled with ViaWest’s hands-on customer service, we have determined that KINECTed™ Cloud is the ideal platform for our company’s ever-changing needs,” remarked Colin Hostert, CIO of Grooveshark, a ViaWest KINECTed™ Cloud customer.

Additionally, ViaWest’s KINECTed™ Cloud boasts vCloud® Powered status, a service badge for hybrid cloud services based on VMware’s vSphere and vCloud Director, which support the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) for image upload and download. This best-of-breed technology offers users a competitive advantage by allowing them to increase their speed-to-market and decrease infrastructure costs, without sacrificing control.

ViaWest’s KINECTed™ Cloud is an extension of ViaWest’s hybrid services philosophy. From colocation to managed hosting, and now KINECTed Cloud™, ViaWest allows customers to purchase any combination of services to best meet their needs. According to Roy Dimoff, Chairman and CEO of ViaWest, “Our strategy is to offer a flexible cloud service that businesses of all sizes and technology preferences can embrace. Customers have the ability to mix and match cloud and traditional infrastructure to form a single, optimized solution.”

The introduction of KINECTed™ Cloud continues ViaWest’s aggressive growth of the last 12 months. During that time, ViaWest opened its Synergy Park data center in Dallas, Texas and Hillboro II facility in Portland, Oregon. With these additions, ViaWest now has 22 data centers offering more than 410,000 square feet of usable raised floor. More information can be found at

About ViaWest
ViaWest is one of the largest privately held data center service providers in North America. They provide colocation, complex hosting, cloud and managed services to businesses of all sizes nationwide. ViaWest owns and operates 22 enterprise-class data center facilities in Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada, delivering high-quality, flexible solutions designed to support customers’ unique business needs. For additional information on ViaWest, please visit or call 1-877-448-9378.

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