Fortune Data Centers Builds the Nation’s Lowest Latency Data Center to Asia

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Web Hosting ServicesSan Jose, CA – Fortune Data Centers, one of the nation’s leading data center innovators, is building the first wholesale data center in Oregon located at the nexus of the termination points for three trans-Pacific cables.

Latency, a measure of time delay, when calculated from the San Francisco Bay Area to Asia is currently 100-105 milliseconds round-trip (msRT). Latencies from Fortune’s Hillsboro, Oregon site are 84-87 msRT. According to Sarah Garrison, economic development manager, City of Hillsboro, “There are three major trans-Pacific cables terminating in Hillsboro, OR—Tata, Verizon and Alaska Communications. This is a great benefit to those businesses operating in Hillsboro that need low latency connectivity to Asia.” Fortune’s data center is within one-half mile of these termination points.

“Because coastal construction regulations in Oregon are much more flexible than those in California, three of the four main cables delivering Asian Internet traffic to/from the Bay Area first land on the Oregon coast and then terminate in Hillsboro,” said Matt Mochary, CEO of Fortune Development Group. “Low latency is particularly important to financial institutions, gaming, e-commerce sites and internal corporate applications.”

In addition to offering the lowest latency to Asia, Fortune’s facility is also one of the most energy efficient multi-tenant data centers, with expected annual average power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2, without mixing outside air into the data room. Fortune takes advantage of Oregon’s mild climate by using waterside economization, where outside air cools the water which in turn cools the data room air. Combining this with the latest generation of ultra-efficient uninterrupted power supply (UPS) from Eaton, the site has the best of both worlds: ultra-low PUE, without the risk of contaminants from the outside.

Similar to the specifications in Facebook’s Open Compute Project and Fortune’s San Jose development, Fortune’s Hillsboro Oregon data center has no raised floor because cool air is provided from an overhead ductless plenum. Further efficiencies are achieved by using containment to separate supply and return air. Power to the facility is supplied by Portland General Electric (PGE), which is among the nation’s most reliable utilities and also the lowest carbon generation mix of any major utility in Oregon. Complete data center technical specs are available here.

Announced in October 2011, Fortune chose to build a multi-tenant data center in Oregon because it has excellent energy and communications infrastructure as well as a favorable tax structure for capital investment. Tenants who update and replace IT equipment pay no sales tax which translates into as much as 30% yearly savings for their data center operations. By locating in an Enterprise Zone, tenants reap the same cost benefits experienced by the biggest Internet companies building their own data centers in Oregon. In May 2011, Fortune purchased a 15-acre site with a 240,000 square foot industrial building which will produce 20 MW of IT load capacity. Phase 1 which will produce 7.8 MW of IT load is scheduled to be completed and commissioned by April 2012.

About Fortune Data Centers
Fortune Data Centers builds, owns and operates highly efficient and cost-effective wholesale data centers. Fortune’s San Jose and Oregon facilities meet or exceed the toughest industry standards for data centers in all operational categories of availability, security, connectivity, and physical resilience. Fortune is a privately held company, founded in 2006.

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