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Web Hosting ServicesAmsterdam, the Netherlands – SpamExperts, the leading provider of e-mail security products, today announces that they will offer integration with ISPsystem. As one of the leading web server control panels, ISPsystem allows hosting service providers to manage various aspects of a web server via a friendly and easy-to-use web interface. Integrating the SpamExperts services with the control panel gives hosting providers the possibility to automate their email security provisioning to their end-users!

SpamExperts offers a solution, which is tailored made for hosting providers. The filter can either run on the hardware of the webhost or in the cloud. The product also integrates via standard plugins into the cPanel, Direct Admin, and Parallels hosting control panel servers. The plugins, amongst many things, allow end-clients to directly log-on to the spam filter without the need for entering a username and password. Full automation (adding/removing domains to/from the filter) is also available. Now also ISPsystem is working together with SpamExperts and developed a plugin to integrate SpamExperts into their control panel.

“We are very pleased to have SpamExperts integrated into ISPsystem because it will provide added value to our hosting providers, offering them the possibility of fully integrating automated email security provisioning to the end-clients. “, states Ivan Kruglov from ISPsystem. “We have been working on the development of the plugin for a while and can now proudly announce that the plugin is ready to be used!”

“We already offer integration with the major control panels. Adding ISPsystem makes our integration offering nearly complete, something we are really happy about,” states Sam Renkema CEO of SpamExperts. For customers who are both using the SpamExperts spamfilter and the ISPsystem this plugin is extremely efficient. Combining the ability to automate email security provisioning and offer end-users the option to manage the email security from within their ISPsystem control panel optimizes the value offering to both Service Providers and their end customers.”

About ISPsystem
ISPsystem is a fast growing software development company specialized in web technology. ISPsystem was founded in February 2004 with the mission to provide and design the best web hosting automation software available. The core of the company is a dedicated team of highly skilled programmers who work hard at fulfilling this mission. Their products are installed on thousands of servers worldwide. For more information visit

About SpamExperts B.V.
SpamExperts is the leading provider of email security solutions from Amsterdam. Since 2004, SpamExperts has been growing its customer-base in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia and meanwhile has become market leader in a number of countries. All solutions are inhouse developed and are either offered via the cloud, or are directly installed as a managed software in the infrastructure of the customer. Prices for the incoming filtering start at USD 0.30/ Domain/Year, without user – or inbox limitations. The latest additions to the product portfolio are an outgoing email filter server as well as an email archiving product. More information under

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