UK2 Launches New VPN Service – Keeping Customers Safe Online

January 20, 2012 by  

Web Hosting ServicesLondon, UK – UK2.NET announce launch of new VPN service. The VPN will allow users to encrypt their data on any public or home network connection through any device, including iPhones, iPads and laptops. This extra layer of security helps to protect sensitive data when browsing online on shared or unsecure connections and has come as a welcome relief to many customers as fraud and data theft continue to grow in 2012.

Hundreds of thousands of people access public WIFI connections every day, most unaware of the security risk attached to joining a public network. They, without thinking, could be sharing all their passwords, private data and credit cards with hackers who have gained access to that same network. UK2’s VPN will eliminate this risk as all online communication will be sent through an encrypted tunnel which will effectively hide this data.

Martin Baker, Managing Director of UK2, said: “As a leading tech company in the UK we were concerned about our customers’ online security. We wanted to create a product which would minimise the risk of data theft and offer them an extra layer of protection against these security risks. Our new VPN service does just that.”

Online security is not the only benefit the VPN service has to offer. UK2 have added more innovation to the VPN USP’s which include being able to choose an IP location of your choice. Users will be able to setup their VPN in the USA or UK and will also be able to access this IP from anywhere in the world and on any internet enabled device.

The new VPN service is aimed at a much larger audience as online security is a concern for everyone with an internet connection. For more information on UK2’s VPN please visit

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