World’s Largest IPv6 Internet Backbone Continues European Expansion with Connections to BCIX in Berlin and PLIX in Warsaw

February 27, 2012 by  

Web Hosting Services – The new European connections – Hurricane Electric’s fifth expansion in two months – will enable Hurricane Electric to improve fault tolerance, load balancing and congestion management infrastructure capabilities for the delivery of IPv6 access services. In addition, the new connections will reduce latency and router hops for BCIX and PLIX traffic.

“Hurricane Electric is excited about the acceleration of its European expansion, especially with the World IPv6 Launch right around the corner,” said Martin Levy, Hurricane Electric’s Director of IPv6 Strategy. “This expansion will enable customers of BCIX and PLIX to tap into Hurricane Electric’s rich global network while providing greater bandwidth.”

About Hurricane Electric
Fremont, California-based Hurricane Electric operates its own global IPv4 and IPv6 network and is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world as measured by number of networks connected. Within its global network, Hurricane Electric is connected to 50 major exchange points and exchanges traffic directly with more than 2,000 different networks. Employing a resilient fiber-optic topology, Hurricane Electric has no less than four redundant paths crossing North America, two separate paths between the U.S. and Europe, and rings in Europe and Asia. In addition to its vast global network, Hurricane Electric owns and operates two data centers in Fremont, California – including Fremont2, its newest 200,000 square-foot facility. Hurricane Electric offers IPv4 and IPv6 transit solutions over the same connection at speeds exceeding 10 Gbps.

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