Hexagrid and Cobalt Align to Engineer a Cloud Computing First in Disaster Recovery

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Web Hosting ServicesLas Vegas, NV – Hexagrid, a leading developer of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing solutions, announced today that Cobalt Solutions, a Las Vegas based data center solutions provider, has utilized Hexagrid’s cloud computing platform to launch the first ever cloud-based Disaster Recovery (DR) solution that offers true business continuity. Hexagrid and Cobalt developed this solution to augment Cobalt’s already extensive DR portfolio of solutions which combine to offer businesses the most comprehensive opportunity to proceed with “business as usual” when disaster strikes.

“Cobalt proposed an exciting opportunity for Hexagrid to engineer another unique DR application of our Infrastructure as a Service cloud computing platform,” said Suresh Mandava, chief executive officer of Hexagrid Computing. “Because of the uniquely extensive and complex network capabilities built into our platform, the Cobalt Solutions team can now assist their clients in establishing a cloud architecture that exactly replicates an existing production environment. Then, incremental back-ups of physical and virtual resources within the production environment populate a fully secure, fully operational cloud-based replica environment in one of Cobalt’s new data centers. Unlike the hosted data backup services being sold as cloud-based disaster recovery today, Cobalt is offering the only true opportunity for business continuity in the event of a disaster.”

Cobalt Solutions offers a combination of products, resources, and services that address all critical components of any business continuity plan. Immediately after a disaster, the cloud-based DR solution provides a fully operational mirror of a customer’s production environment accessible through a secure web portal for anytime, anywhere management. Then customers can relocate their people and critical operations to Cobalt’s reliable and secure contingency worksite which offers a 500-seat call-center complete with computers and connectivity on a private technology campus in Southern Nevada. Cobalt Solutions DR professional services teams can then help the business customer re-establish the local production datacenter site. The combination of these products, resources, and services aim to minimize downtime and optimize productivity in a disaster recovery scenario.

“In times of disruption or disaster Cobalt provides Disaster Recovery Solutions that fit the needs of any business DR strategy” said Mike Ballard, chief executive officer at Cobalt Solutions. “From assessing business-critical needs to providing data center, cloud DR site replacement, fully-equipped alternate workspace, equipment, voice and data connectivity, and technical support, Cobalt provides start-to-finish, customizable recovery solutions.”

About Cobalt Solutions
Cobalt Data Centers, located in Las Vegas and away from natural disasters often experienced on the U.S. coast line, provides a refuge in the desert when it comes to Disaster Recovery (DR) Services. Cobalt DR services include Cloud DR Site Replacement, DR Call Centers, and boasting system+system redundancy, is a state-of-the-art five (5) megawatt, 34,000-square foot data center that incorporates critical infrastructure to eliminate all single points of failure. With more than 400 cabinets available and power capacities up to 600 watts per square foot, Cobalt is designed to handle the most complex, power- hungry applications. Cobalt provides solutions that help protect mission-critical information. Natural and man-made disasters will not jeopardize mirrored data and operations can continue without interruption. Learn more at

About Hexagrid Computing
As a leading developer of IT infrastructure software solutions, Hexagrid developed the first cloud computing platform that directly aligns with the real-world IT delivery models of both solution providers and enterprises. Hexagrid provides all the software and support that IT organizations need to successfully build public, private, or hybrid clouds that fit their specific business and end-user requirements. Hexagrid cloud solutions truly simplify and expedite virtual IT management, empowering successful cloud computing strategies that quickly increase profits by pooling resources, delivering control, and building value. Our Software, Your Cloud. For more information, visit

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