VPS.NET Launches Cloud Application Marketplace Built on Standing Cloud Platform

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Web Hosting ToolboxBoulder, CO and Providence, UT – VPS.NET, a leading provider of public clouds, today announced the launch of its new cloud application marketplace. Built on technology from Standing Cloud, a leading provider of cloud application management solutions, the marketplace gives VPS.NET customers a vastly simplified way to discover, deploy and manage applications in the cloud.

As implemented by VPS.NET, Standing Cloud’s turn-key Application Marketplace is an easy-to-use catalog of applications, software, development tools and deployment options, fully pre-configured to run instantly and reliably in the cloud, and optimized for the VPS.NET infrastructure. Once an application is deployed, Standing Cloud’s automated application lifecycle management services give customers an easy way to manage the application on a continuing basis, including monitoring, scaling, back-ups, upgrades, auto-restore and more.

“Making it easy to launch and run fully configured versions of popular products like WordPress or Drupal in a just a few clicks is a great value-add for our customers, and Standing Cloud made it easy for us,” said Rus Foster, Managing Director of VPS.NET. “Standing Cloud customized the marketplace with our own look and feel, and taps directly into our API to run seamlessly on our infrastructure.”

“Plus,” Foster added, “because Standing Cloud’s model-driven engine uses scripted deployments instead of virtual appliance images, we eliminate the cost of image library management while offering more flexibility, portability and reliability to application users on VPS.NET.”

“Cloud-based marketplaces that make it simple for customers to shop for and operate applications in the cloud without the burden of systems administration are dramatically changing the way business applications are consumed,” said Dave Jilk, CEO of Standing Cloud. “VPS.NET had the foresight to see that, and we’re pleased to be working with them to make this vision a reality for their customers.”

About Standing Cloud
Standing Cloud is a leading provider of cloud application management services. We deliver a seamless application layer for cloud service providers and ISVs, making application deployment and management fast, simple and hassle-free for their customers.

Our standard application catalog includes 100 open-source and commercial applications; our Platform-as-as-Service (PaaS) capabilities support multiple programming languages, including Rails, PHP, Java and Python, and a wide range of cloud service providers and orchestration software systems.

Founded in 2009, Standing Cloud is based in Boulder, Colorado. Investors include Foundry Group and Avalon Ventures.

About VPS.Net
VPS.NET is backed and owned by UK2 Group providing hosting to over 1,000,000 domains and with over 200 staff with customers in 75+ countries.

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