Zunicore outperforms Amazon EC2 in UnixBench tests

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Web Hosting ToolboxLondon, UK – Recent benchmark tests revealed that Zunicore’s cloud hosting services outperform Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), offering customers better system performance and value for their money.

UnixBench, the industry-standard benchmark, tests various aspects of a system to calculate its performance. The UnixBench tests were intended to compare cloud providers on factors such as network latency, speed, system performance and cost. The benchmark was carried out as part of a potential customer’s plans to build out its server infrastructure to support expanding traffic to its website by implementing cloud hosting options.

The tests were carried out just two weeks after Zunicore’s launch, before it had established tuning. Despite this, Zunicore’s System Benchmark Index Score beat EC2’s ranking by over 2x[1]. Even with this high performance difference, a one month Zunicore subscription costs $311 compared to $489 for EC2.

Woozworld – the number one social world in the tween market with more than 6.5 million users – ran the benchmarks as part of its search for a cloud provider. The company plans to investigate other factors, such as SLAs, downtime history, maturity and support before making a decision.

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About Zunicore
Built with the business professional in mind, Zunicore offers users a high degree of control and flexibility, and leverages the established infrastructure of PEER 1 Hosting’s wholly-owned FastFiber Network™.

Zunicore’s professional-grade cloud service allows users to benefit from customisable resource pools alongside preset virtual machines, hands-free auto-scaling and transparent pricing. FairPlay Pricing™ guarantees that customers pay only for what they use and are never locked into a long-term contract. The complexities of managing the cloud have driven many businesses away from the public cloud. With Zunicore’s simple dashboard that shows users the resources being used, the amount of resource remaining, and options to increase or decrease resources, it is easier for companies to migrate to the cloud.

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