Ascertia Launches Cloud based Electronic Signature Service called SigningHub

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Web Hosting ServicesLondon, UK – Ascertia Limited, a leader in digital signature and PKI technology for e-signing documents, today announced the availability of the cloud service an electronic signature service for online document signing, workflow and tracking.

SigningHub is now publicly available at

What makes SigningHub unique is that the signatures created are not simply e-signature images, instead they are advanced digital signatures providing the highest levels of security to protect business critical documents. SigningHub digital signatures use ETSI long-term signature standards and are therefore verifiable in any PDF Reader for 20+ years into the future.

The online signing service makes it easy to add digital signatures to sales contracts, legal agreements, board papers, web forms, HR and compliance documents, in fact anything normally requiring an ink signature. Now you can get your documents digitally signed by anyone, at any time, from anywhere using laptops, iPads or other mobile devices. The ROI is easily calculated when compared with printing paper, scanning, faxing or courier costs, as well as the time lost searching for paper documents and their attachments. SigningHub allows users to concentrate on core business tasks rather than wasting time gathering paper-based ink signatures on important documents.

Some of the key features of SigningHub include:

  • Creates legally binding signatures which comply with global laws and regulations, including the US ESIGN Act and EU Electronic Signatures Directives
  • Centralised signing, ensuring that all a user needs is a browser and internet connection to access their unique signing keys from anywhere, with an option for strong OTP authentication
  • Option for local signing, using e-ID, PIV or other smartcard, USB token or software keys and certificates held by the user
  • Automated document workflow and historical action tracking
  • Integrate with existing websites and business applications using web-service interface
  • High security for your documents – all PDFs are AES-256 bit encrypted, with DLP controls to allow or disallow download and printing
  • Available as a product for in-house installation as well as dedicated hosting service

“SigningHub is designed not only for simplified online document signing workflow and tracking but also provides the gold standard of PDF digital signature security” stated Liaquat Khan, Ascertia’s Technical Director. “ enables EU qualified signatures to be produced using secure signature creation devices (SSCD), in a simple to use zero footprint solution” he added. “Certain countries prefer server-held keys and certificates with one time password (OTP) control and this option is also supported.”

“Unlike other approaches we use advanced electronic signatures that are essential for financial and legal documents and there is no reliance on proprietary security measures. We support open standards and meet ISO PDF, PDF/A and ETSI PAdES standards so they are fully interoperable with other products.”

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About Ascertia
Ascertia is a leading provider of digital signing, verification and identity validation solutions that prevent fraud, reduce business risks and costs and provide legal weight evidence. Our products are designed and developed in-house and are well proven around the world. Ascertia products are used by a variety of organisations, managed service providers and within national and global trust infrastructures.

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