Leading Web Hosting Company Decides To Ramp Up Their Dallas Dedicated Server Capacity

July 31, 2012 by  

Web Hosting Services – ProlimeHost is yet again in the limelight of the dedicated server based web hosting market. After creating an impact in the marketplace over the two successive announcements in technology and expenses respectively, the company has publicly spoken about their plans to enhance their already-existing their dedicated server-base in Dallas. The company claims their Dallas-based servers to have been greeted with jubilation widely among the customers. They are looking to enhance the number of their Dallas based servers by almost 30% to meet the added client demand, as per the company representatives.

Tom Beck, the technical officer representing the public technical announcements for Prolime Solutions, spoke about the expansion plans taken up by the company earlier today. Beck, who had also made the other two recent announcements, was the first to link those developments with the enhanced customer demand. “July 2012 has been a productive and exciting month for us. Earlier this month, we could complete a full integration of the Linux Cpanel with our dedicated servers, a power that not many web hosting companies can boast about. We followed this up by adding hardware across our data centers and thus being able to slash our operating prices, which has benefitted our customers directly with reduced prices of subscriptions. The reactions of the customers who have their servers located in Dallas area have been positively phenomenal. This has got us to start thinking about extending the capacity of our Dallas based servers.”

Incidentally, Dallas happens to be a city where a number of other dedicated service providers also have set up their bases. Appropriate infrastructure for information technology services backed up by abundant human support talent makes this southern city a preferred destination for many small, medium and large businesses that require hosting dedicated servers, web hosting and data centers.

This potential move by Prolime Host is excpected to capture a large mindshare among analysts. Such rapid succession of announcements is extremely rare in the dedicated server industry, and Prolime Host will now face the challenge to live up to the expectations it has set in the market. If they are able to meet such high bars of expectation by enhancing their Dallas dedicated server business by 30%, Prolime Host will set a new benchmark of achievement in the server hosting industry, as per the company spokespersons.

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