Top Introduces Revolutionary New Concept in VPS Hosting with its Custom VPS Plans

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Web Hosting ServicesSt. Louis, MO – of Rose Web Services LLC finally dropped the curtain on its latest innovation: a custom VPS hosting plan that allows customers to configure their own VPS plans by choosing how much memory, data transfer, and hard disk space they need. The revolutionary concept is a first in the industry, veering away from the common preconfigured plans.

“By allowing our customers to customize their VPS plans, they can choose only what they need and they don’t have to pay for what they don’t need,” a representative from sums up.

The custom VPS plans can be purchased through the website, where customers can also choose their desired allocations. Among those that customers are allowed to freely decide on are memory, hard disk space, data transfer limits, and the number of IP addresses, which currently max out at 3. They can also choose whether to use the free Webmin or DirectAdmin control panel, or not to use one at all.

There are optional offers as well, such as domain registration and GeoTrust SSL certificates. Domain registration is available for as low as $8.95 per year, while GeoTrust SSL certificates are available for as low as $79.00 per year. If you don’t purchase these and opt for the lowest specifications, you can enjoy your customized VPS plan for as low as $12.59 per month.

All custom VPS plans are additionally backed by a 24×7 online support and come with free server monitoring, DNS hosting, free weekly backups, and full root access to the server.

For customers who are not aware of their requirements and want to purchase a preconfigured plan, they are still free to choose among RoseHosting’s five Linux VPS hosting plans, namely the SilverVS, GoldVS, PlatinumVS, DiamondVS, and UltimateVS. The plans start at $19.95 for SilverVS and go all the way up to $79.95 for the UltimateVS, giving consumers of various budgets the ideal option.

The SilverVS package is ideal for personal users and small businesses, while the GoldVS is better for bloggers and heavy users. The PlatinumVS is great for those who dabble in e-commerce, CMS, and Java, whereas the DiamondVS has more provisions for large business websites. Finally, the UltimateVS is for those with heavy-scale needs as well as for resellers.

However, since these come with pre-allocated specs, customers can only use the disk space, data transfer limit, and guaranteed and burstable memory capacity of the plan they choose. This poses several problems.

“In our experience in VPS hosting, we found that many customers don’t actually make use of their allocation, which means they’re paying more than they should. On the other hand, there are customers that find their existing plans always lacking, and they also end up paying more or else their personal or business requirements will not be met. The custom VPS plan is the solution for not just one but several problems that VPS users encounter,” a spokesperson from explains.

About is a service of Rose Web Services LLC, a leading private VPS hosting provider based in St. Louis, Missouri. The company began its operations in 2001. During that same year, it came out with the first and only commercial Linux virtual servers in the world. Now, it is one of the most innovative VPS hosting providers known for its reliable customer support, 100% uptime, and targeted solutions designed specifically for business and personal users.

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