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Web Hosting ServicesOttawa, Ontario (CANADA) – SQL Server Consultant SQLXL has launched free consultations for businesses. Businesses will now be able to discuss their corporate database needs and performance issues with SQLXL representatives completely free of charge. SQLXL is a SQL server consultant providing relational database design (design and build of corporate databases and database-centered business applications) and SQL server performance tuning (SQL tuning) of existing client databases to improve scalability and performance.}

SQLXL is now offering free consultations to businesses – this is a rare opportunity for businesses to consult with a leading expert in SQL database design and SQL server tuning, free of charge. During the free consultation, businesses can discuss their specific database needs or issues with SQLXL representatives and gain valuable insight into the steps they need to take to setup their corporate databases or fix errors and bottlenecks in their existing databases to improve performance.

The consultation will not be billed, and businesses can get started right away by calling SQLXL customer support to schedule a consultation. Participating businesses can also commission SQLXL to carry out the recommended database design and SQL tuning work/projects.

“The free consultation provides an opportunity for businesses to interact with the SQL experts at SQLXL to determine the optimal requirements for their corporate databases, as well as ways to fine-tune their existing SQL databases to solve bottlenecks and improve performance. The session will not be billed and will provide businesses with valuable insights into how they can improve business outcomes by increasing the availability, reliability and scalability of their business data,” says CEO Dean Hansen.

As a SQL Server Consultant, SQLXL specializes in the design and build of new SQL databases and deployment of SQL database-centered applications for business clients in various industries. SQLXL also undertakes expert tuning of clients’ existing SQL databases and SQL servers to detect and rectify performance bottlenecks as well as to correct errors in their SQL databases which may be causing poor productivity, inaccurate data and delayed information retrieval, among other issues.

Please contact SQLXL for a free consultation. Call 1 613 822 1997 or send an email to support(at)sqlxl(dot)com to get started.

SQLXL is a division of DTH Software Inc. SQLXL has been actively working with Microsoft® SQL Server since 1998, and is a SQL server consultant specializing in the design and build of database-centric applications for businesses in the private and public sector as well as the tuning of existing SQL databases to improve scalability and performance.

As a Certified Master on Experts Exchange, SQLXL is a regular contributor to the MSSQL zone of EXPERTS-EXCHANGE.COM.

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